vst connect pro monitor

Success. I was able to record and all is in sync. Direct monitoring was on.

great, good to hear that and have fun with it!

Thank you both for this thread – I am on Cubase Pro 9.5 – I and my songwriting partner both purchase VST Connect Pro about 3 weeks ago and are having intermittent successes but nothing consistent - I just read through this thread a couple of times and think I understand it, but I would like if possible, to see the screenshots of the “Audio Connection” dialog from a successful implementation of VST connect. Please show the input, output and control room screenshots in the audio connections dialog.


I am currently creating a simple website with some pictures to show routing issues and other pitfalls, hope to have it within the next few days.
Otherwise, what is your specific problem?
Some more I came across that might help:

  • As always: if all else fails, try an empty project and then ‘Create VST Connect’.
  • Performer doesn’t hear me: make sure that apart from assigning TB (Talk Back) mic and enabling TB, that the additional TB button in the Control Room VST Connect Cue Channel is also engaged. An upcoming VST Connect Version will do this automatically.
  • can’t hear Performer: the most common mistake is wrong output routing in the Control Room (it has been mentioned before, but you may have missed it):
  • open menu VST Connections (not to be confused with VST Connect)
  • make sure that in the ‘Outputs’ tab, your main output is Not connected
  • make sure that the Control Room is enabled and in the ‘Studio’ tab (actually, Control Room routing), ‘Monitor’ is assigned to your speaker outputs. This allows the ‘VST Connect Monitor’ plugin to merge its signal (the Performer) with the (Monitor) output. If you have an extra Phones output and use that during a recording session, you may have to move that plugin to the Phones channel instead.
    Hope that helps, will report when pictures are available.

here’s a first draft, happy to receive recommendations.
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