VST Connect Pro multitrack

Not sure how to setup for multitrack recording in VST Connect Pro.

hi - just add extra channels in the mixer

you still only get a stereo feed back whilst recording - but then download the HD files AFTER the session has ended (does that make sense ?)


I assume that you know how to set everything up and that you know how to record a single track.

  1. The automatically created track “Performer rec”. stores all played music together, as a sort of master track
  2. When you go (in the pro plugin) to setup → manager you click on “get HD files” the Performer rec event is replaced by its HD version and you still don’t have your multitrack!
  3. Suppose you want to record 4 separate mics at the same time so in the end you want 4 separate tracks.
    a. In the pro plugin go to the mixer panel
    b. Be sure there are enough faders and on top. Assign each fader to one of the microphones
    c. And now the trick: click next to the fx button to create a little red light [4 times) so now the 4 mics are record ready
    d. Do your recording and execute item 2 (get hd files) result: Performer rec is replaced as above, but now the program creates 4 new tracks: Perf Ch 0 to Perf Ch 3 and each track contains the HD recording of one the mics.

I hope this helps.

Good luck

Thank you both.
I will test tomorrow.

Another question would be the performer (individual tracks) monitor would be set by the gain of performer preamps for each channel?

1st by the gain on their preamp, then by the faders in the Monitor section.