VST connect pro not in sync recording

some tips please
VST connect is top to work with, it al sounds great but when recording, my friend who’s on the performer side can play nicely in sync, but the recording isn’t ( nor what I hear, which isn’t a problem for me) I can slide the recording in the right place easily but I don’t think this is the way to do it
watch tutorial video’s on the net ( Chris Selim e.g.) I don’t see that happening
Any idea’s on what we do wrong?

Hi @chris_smets ,
the recording should definitely in sync with your project after recording. Also while recording you should hear the Performer and project content in sync.
Could you please make a screen recording while you actions and send it us? This helps a lot to understand your workflow and what might going wrong.
Viele Gruesse


Problem solved
For some reason the talkback did not switch off when recording
Changed the settings and all ok now