VST Connect Pro......not visible on PC!

Hi there

I am trying to use VST Connect Pro because I have read it works across a LAN.

However, when I install VST Connect Pro on any of my Windows 10 PCs, it never appears and therefore cannot be run. All I ever get is VST Performer and this DOESN’T connect over a LAN: ‘It is not possible to connect on a LAN’.

I feel sure that if I could run Connect Pro on the connecting PC then LAN would work - I really need this feature as my music equipment is in a separate room to my DAW.

I have Cubase 9.5 with the Pro and the SE Connect options installed. Pro works across the internet with VST Performer - I have checked this myself.

Thank you - ANY help appreciated.


VST Connect Pro is accessed from the VST Cloud menu.

Thank you, Steve. I was wondering about that…but what app do I use on the artist’s PC for a LAN connection? No version of Performer works. It says LAN connections are not allowed.
Isn’t there a version of Pro that acts as a client?

Please review the documentation

I have, thanks, and it is from 2014. It doesn’t tell me anything about this problem.
That is why I am asking on this forum.

It’s Chapter 1, section 1.1

What about it?
Are you referring to the VST Connect manual of October 2014?
What is the relevance of that section?

It’s the same app on the performer side, and you will need the Pro version for LAN.

There has been much discussion in the forum on the subject. Also, a quick search on the word LAN in the manual turned up the info. Note that the age of the document is not relevant to its accuracy.

I have the Pro version of Connect in Cubase 9.5, as I explained in my first post.
The version of the document is relevant. The app has changed since 2014 but there is little info about the new version.
The version of Connect I am using does not have a LAN indicator light, for example. Why?
I checked the manual and the forum before I posted.
I asked a focussed technical question and made it clear I had already got a connection to work over a WAN.

In addition, why, if I connect Performer to Pro over a LAN does it say this is not allowed?
Can anyone technical out there give me some answers to this question? I don’t need people to quote the manual back at me.

You have to buy VST Connect Pro in order to use the advanced features. Using it on the LAN is one of those.


hi Paul

what version of cubase/nuendo are you using - do you have a “vst cloud” menu

you say you are using VST connect PRO but are you actually using PRO or SE - they are two DIFFERENT plugins ?

Hi there

I have installed a download of Pro and received a temporary licence code…but there was nowhere to enter the code and Pro did not appear on any of my non-Cubase PCs, despite it being installed in the list of Programs in Control Panel. (I was going to try Pro out with a view to buying it for a non-Cubase PC if it worked over a LAN.)

So, THIS IS THE FIRST WEIRD THING…where is Pro on the non-Cubase PC?

Dr - I do have a VST Cloud Menu in Cubase - thanks - and I have the SE and Pro options. I have used both with Performer, but neither let me connect over a LAN.

I can only find and run Performer on the non-Cubase PCs and I have tried 2 versions of that (don’t have the ver numbers handy, but could find out).

I read on another forum that Steinberg consolidated the Performer app a few years ago, so there is no longer a Pro app and a Performer app - they are one and the same. If so, why don’t the Pro features work and where is the ‘LAN’ indicator light?

Thanks to all for your help and advice.

you need to activate the code in the eLicenser Control Center - then it dumps a licence on your elicencer.


download the latest version from connectvst.com

install the plug/performer on the studio PC and the performer on the remote (?) pc

you don’t say if you are Mac or PC ? but the remote app (peformer) is the same for SE/PRO - and neither version needs a licence to run (on the non-studio PC).

if you don’t have the licence on your studio dongle then you’ll just be using SE …in my opinion

Thank you - this thought occurred to me about 2 minutes ago, then I just read your post!! I must try this. Maybe this is why the Pro app seems to be installed but cannot be accessed or run. Weird though, never seen software do this before.
I will get a dongle or eLicenser working on the non-Cubase PC. It doesn’t have any of this software at the moment.
Maybe this is it!?? Maybe.
I will report back later today.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “Pro app” ?

you DO NOT NEED a dongle on the non-cubase pc

just to be clear:

VST Connect PRO is a plugin (actually 3 plugins) that runs on the CUBASE/NUENDO PC - this needs a licence on the cubase pc/mac (pro only). Install/use it via the “vst cloud” menu item.

VST Connect Performer is an application that runs on the remote (performer - clue is in the name) PC/mac - this DOES NOT NEED a licence or dongle. It’s a standalone bit of software that connects back to the cubase/nuendo PC/mac

(there is also a ‘broken’ IOS app too but let’s not complicate things)

OK…sorry, I misunderstood.

Does VST Connect PRO plugin come included with Cubase 9.5 license? If so, I have it. The PRO option DOES appear in the VST Cloud options and it does let me set up a connection. However, the problem is that when I run performer on any other PC it never works over the LAN. It says it is not allowed.

OK. I have updated PRO on the Cubase PC…just in case.
I believe I am running the latest version of VST Performer on the performer’s PC.
Same issue, but different errors depending on how I try to connect.

Via key: Performer machine says: “Sorry, you cannot connect within your local area network. Make sure both machines use same up to date version!”.

Via Steinberg server (with two different accounts, of course): Cubase PC says ‘Registration failed’…Performer PC says ‘Sorry, no reply from friend. Please make sure you both use same up-to-date version.’

Let’s be clear…both accounts see one another. The green light is on, on the Cubase PC…there is a beep. They are seeing one another…but they will NOT connect via LAN.

I am afraid I am right back to where I started when I posted this thread. I am technical, I am PC-literate, I am pretty good at Cubase - but I cannot find the information to solve this problem.

Now using from ConnectVST.com on Cubase PC and Performer PC. Same problem.

'Somebody tries to connect to you within local network. This is not supported."