VST Connect PRO - Retrieving Files

Greetings Folks…

Happy to report that we are making great progress with VST Connect PRO. Hopefully someone is reading this in the future, where the COVID pandemic is behind us, and these lock down conditions are no longer a “thing”. As I write this, these conditions are very much a part of right now, and totally suck!!! Having the ability to collaborate and record with my drummer band mate (who typically only gets as far as powering the computer on lol!), with this tool = PRICELESS!!!

Enough of that. Here is my latest issue to resolve…

Post tracking and at the “Get Files” stage. With 10 tracks armed, if we do 1 pass of a song we compile 21 files. If we do a second pass we compile 42 tracks. Thus, it appears we are somehow doing a double capture. I’m sure there is a simple toggle that will disengage this, but I have yet to find it. I also didn’t find anything similar here on the forum.

Appreciate any feedback that is available.


Hi Mike

I’ve just moved this across to the VST connect forum - you are 100% more likely to get a sensible answer in here :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that VST connect is working out for you.

I don’t have an actual answer (!) but where are you seeing the 21 files ? (the extra unaccounted one will be the stereo mix I assume)

Thanks Doc and hope you’re well :)!

You are correct, the “1” is the stereo file. Otherwise, the addition 10 are duplicates of the original 10.

Doing very well Mike :slight_smile:

just a quick headsup - you replied via email and because you quoted me it also quoted all the email headers etc…which included your email address - I’ve edited this out but worth watching if you reply via email.

Thanks Doc. I kinda thought was too easy lol. I will keep that in mind moving forward :)!

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What version are you using? That bug should have been fixed, make sure to use the latest version on both sides. See https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360012899079 which also provides a lot of useful tips.

Musicullum - thank you for your feedback and my apologies for falling off the planet there!

I was using V4.0.54 (as recommended by the team herein), I “think” based that I was still on Cubase PRO 10 (I’d have to look back in these threads - and/or, I bet Doc would recall).

Last night, I just got around to updating Cubase to PRO 11. At the same time, I tried to purchase VST PRO 5. The online store however, will NOT allow me to buy VST PRO 5 (sighting a payment failure, which makes ZERO sense). I’m assuming my financial institution didn’t like the Vendor info after the first purchase (I grabbed 11 first, then went back for 5). I’ll get this sorted this morning.

My hope is - all of the bugs will be gone once I am in 11 and 5. Additional issues began to present themselves during last weekend’s sessions. Specifically the “save to” locations on the Performer workstation were al over the map. I RDP’d in to the machine to resolve, but VST wasn’t allowing me to set the “to” locations. Quite likely a User error…

LOL…Yeah, so…

Does anyone know why I cannot purchase VST PRO 5??? The error message I am receiving states “payment cannot be processed” when in fact, I used the same payment method to successfully purchase the Cubase PRO 11 upgrade. As well, I just verified with my financial institution that there is no reason why this shouldn’t work. Interesting, they also noted that there is no sign of the Vendor trying to process a payment…

Ahhh, when you have money and no one will take it :)!

probably worth starting a new thread - as it’s unrelated to the original problem ? although not sure we can deal with payment processing issues here on the user forum.

Sorry Doc. I’ve never been very good using these forums. I do however really appreciate everyone’s feedback.

I didn’t expect anyone to be (for lack of better terms) “authorized” on a payment issue but thought there might be similar experiences with resolution. A buddy suggested I try using a paypal account - which I did, and although it needed ~an hour to verify and process, the product came in at the same time as your reply. So, :)!!!

This is great - actually, I still have to install and get it’s legs stretched - because the trial version I grabbed 10 days ago has completely disappeared. That would have meant “no tracking this weekend”, which left 2 grown men in silent tears ;)!

I will try to feedback (and give back) somewhere re the user experience. Feedback typically is a great thing. For the moment however, time to install some more new software :)!!!

Have a great weekend. I hope not to be on here with more questions until next week now…

hi Mike

no worries - please feel free to post away - you’ve probably noticed that everyone’s posts get a direct response on this forum and we’re all anxious to get you up and running.

ALL feedback (positive or negative) is useful…although everyone prefers positive :smiley:

Have a great weekend yourself.


Thanks Doc - the feedback is always positive buddy :)!