VST Connect Pro Trial - only SE showing up

I don’t know if I’m not doing something right, but I installed a trial version of Connect Pro, but when I open up the Steinberg hub, the only option I get regarding this particular functionality is VST Connect SE. I have activated the trial version, but still no option for the Pro version.

Thanks in advance.


For a start, use the SE template and replace the VST Connect SE plugin in the Input channel Insert with the PRO version.

Hi, yes I (finally) figured that was the quickest option. Still strange that the option to use the Pro version doesn’t show as an option though. Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Hi Simon,

you can also download the VST Connect Pro template here:


Hi Matthias
thanks for the link, I’ll download it now!

What do you mean by template? The link above takes me to a regular PRO 4 download. I have downloaded the trial and now in Trial mode.


I guess there used to be a Cubase project template there. You don’t need that anymore, use the “Create VST Connect” function instead.