VST Connect Pro trial version

Hi Guys
I have read how “clunky” the pro version is and how many struggle.
I can’t find any info regarding trial. In South African money $199 is a lot if it isn’t up to scratch.
I work in TV post and it would be great to be able to share the mix with client in real time or to record VO.
Please could user give your opinion.

Hi - sorry, can’t help directly… in the meantime (maybe you’ve already seen it) but there is a dedicated VST Connect forum page for feedback from others experiences/concerns:-
Latest VST Cloud/VST Connect topics - Steinberg Forums

Fully understand how important it is to be able to check before purchase, that the tool works on your exact system/situation… Try posting the direct question, ask about any potential future Trial edition - the developers are often quite responsive to comments/questions…

Good luck.!

Thanks for the suggestion Puma.
I have done so.

You can perhaps trial the basic concept of VST Connect Pro using VST Connect SE, which is bundled with Nuendo.