VST Connect Pro users, how do you like it?

Anyone out there using VST Connect Pro in Cubase or Nuendo? Steinberg has it on sale rn but I don’t have anyone to test it with as the far side user has to make an account. My client isn’t technically savvy and 100% remote from me and I’d rather not walk her through it just to see how stable the connection is.

So, any user experience and opinions would be super helpful. Thank you!

At least, the Performer app is designed to be operated by not so experienced useres and almost all settings can be remote controlled by the Studio (Cubase/Nuendo) operator.

The remote user doesn’t need an account - search for ID login - I prefer this method

Nobody can forecast how good your connection is, you need to do a test as there are a lot of variables

It’s worth a quick initial test with a spare laptop, using a tethered mobile phone (SE doesn’t work over a LAN). Just so you have experience of what the performer will see.

READ UP on the control room, especially if you are not used to working with older analog consoles - the routing can be confusing if you are used to just recording solo.

I used it with remote performers who don’t even know how to switch a computer on so that part should be fine :slight_smile:

Try the FREE and included version of VST connect …the SE one that is bundled with cubase/nuendo. No need to spend any money just yet.

Personally I’d highly recommend you invest - because it helps future development and there isn’t, currently, anything quite as good for remote recording…

Post back here if you have problems as everyone here is more than happy to help.