VST Connect Pro will not connect right

I am receiving an error message when I attempt to connect to performer using VST Pro. I have followed all instruction at least 25 times to no effect. I desperately needed assistance with this matter.


What is the error message exactly saying? Can you please give us some more details? At which part of the instructions are you stuck?

I am having a problem with the VST Connect Pro. The error message says, “The VST connect Pro needs to be inserted into an input channel for its full functionality.” How do I do this? I have read the manually and properly set my system according to its directions. I have spent many hours trying to figure this out to no effect.

Ok, you have inserted the plug-in into an audio track and not into an input bus. Just go to the top menu to “devices” and select “VST Connections”. Then add an input bus and name it “TB/Performer”. You can connect your studio talkback mic to this input. The TB/Performer input bus serves two purposes: it supplies the engineer’s talkback signals to the performer, and receives the performer’s signal for recording.

The input bus is where you have to insert the VST Connect Pro plug-in.

I have tried to follow your previous instructions but yet I still have a question. According to setting up the VST Connect Pro Plug-in procedure I have to “Insert the VST Connect Pro Plug-in in the TB/Performer input channel”. How do insert according to the procedure the VST Connect Pro plug-in in the TB/Performer input channel? According to the procedure at this time the plug-in interface should open. I am stuck, lol

just open the MixConsole and the input channels will show up. There also insert the plug-in as an insert effect into the channel and the plug-in will open.