VST Connect PRO with 2 monitors

Hopefully this has not been posted previously … if so, my apologies… if not… this is VERY worthwhile reading:
After several hours of trying to get VST Connect PRO working (newest version v4.0.42) in Cubase Pro v10.5.12, I was unable to get the User Edit windows to display ANYTHING… just a black, blank window. Working with Steinberg support did not offer any working suggestions, either.
Normally I have the Cubase main Toolbar displayed at the top of my SECOND monitor. In a fluke, desperate move, I dragged that toolbar over to my PRIMARY monitor and tried opening VST Connect PRO (from the VST Cloud tab)… and … wonder of wonders, up came the proper VST Connect edit window, fully populated and 100% functional. As a test, I closed and removed VST Connect and them moved the Cubase toolbar back to my SECOND monitor… re-attempting VST Connect PRO… back to the blank windows… move the toolbar back … back to working.
I would greatly appreciate it if someone else with a two+ monitor system, running Cubase PRO 10.5 would try this “experiment” and let me know the results. Assuming you have the Cubase toolbar on your primary monintor… stop/remove VST Connect PRO via the VST Cloud tab, drag the Cubase Toolbar over to your SECONDARY monitor, then try opening VST Connect PRO again. Let “us” know the result.

Whenever I see a blank Connect window I use the trick that someone suggested on this forum:
Select little triangle top right corner and then click on “Always on top”
Maybe there is a better solution but it does not happen often so it is good enough for me.


hi dougr

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You don’t say if you are on windows or OSX but yes there are some multi monitor issues, in windows at least.

The fix for missing or corrupted GUI (as you found) is to open on your PRIMARY monitor and then drag across to your 2nd/3rd monitor and they will continue to work. FWIW The affects all 3 vst connect plugins not just the main one.

Hi Dougr.

The same issue happened to me.

I tried one thing and it worked. Turn off from the pc one monitor. Not the button of the monitor, the cable from the pc (I work on windows).

Open cubase. Then open vst connect et voilà!. Issue solved.

If you think it’s weird, yeah, man. It’s bizarre and it worked to me. The most surprising thing is that, later I didn’t need to make this thing and it worked 90% fine.

I am having the same problem with a dual monitor setup on PC, on both Cubase 9.5 and 10.5.
Cubse 9.5 gives me a blank white window for VST Connect and also the Connect Monitor plugin when I open them. Same but blank black windows on Cubase 10.5.
I have managed to find a workaround but this is a little tiresome. If I put the blank windows on my primary monitor and click “switch to generic editor” in the menu (can still see this), then switch back to “plugin editor”, the window appears as it should. Also works with turning “always on top” on and off
Doing this on the secondary monitor doesn’t work.
(Windows 10, GeForce GTX750Ti, Latest version of VST Connect SE at time of writing

yes - it’s a bug - if you stick to your primary monitor when you open these windows all should be good - you can move them afterwards. TBH you don’t really need to actually open the Connect monitor/cue plugins