VST Connect pro with Cubase 10

As far as I can recall, the glitches do coincide with the LED’s going red. I will pay closer attention when we next test the system. Hopefully before I leave for NAMM. Thanks for the suggestion on adjusting the Remote Latency. A small inconvenience if it solves the problem under the current internet connection scenario.

I will try to provide you with an outline of the system status when the de-select/re-select issue arises (each time thus far). Cheers

I ran the latency up as high as four seconds but it did not solve the glitch problem unfortunately. The glitches ‘seem’ to coincide with the red LED flashes as far as I can tell. If you have any other advice, I’m happy to try anything. Thanks

Which LED flashes red?
Anyway, you may write a private mail and we can try something.

Sorry for the late reply. The show was very busy. I visited the Cubase booth but unfortunately there was no VSTC setup due to the exorbitant cost of two internet feeds. My email is info@rredelephant.com. Before we try a session, it was recommended by one of your associates that I look into optimizing my router settings first. I will let you know when I am able to get this done. Cheers

Well, after both the artist and I connected via Ethernet cables and after setting to the lowest working resolutions, turning off video, adjusting the modem port settings and increasing the remote latency, the result is that the artist had an improved experience but I still experienced perhaps fewer but regular glitches nonetheless. I have now invested considerable time and money, discovered and solved a bug in VSTC (deselect/select the interface) but am left quite frustrated that I can not experience a glitch-free session. Any suggestions left? Thanks

I will send you a mail.

Sadly you will write him an email. I have also problems with understand and configure vst connect pro in Cubase 9 / vst connect performer.
And bigger for me is, that i am from germany and have to understand all your english explanations.
And the manual in german is not up to date. All the explanations on the website are also not up to date. Just for example: I read on the steinberg-site, that vst connect pro is not included in Cubase 9 pro. But i can choose it from the top line of cubase ???

So, it would be great, if we could read here the end of the story. Just as an example how it could work and where the problems in this case were.


There are two issues here, one is that there appears to be some installation problem that leads to VST Connect PRO appearing where it shouldn’t - the PRO version needs to be purchased and is not supposed to show in the default menu. We are looking into this.
Secondly, there are specific connection quality issues that we try to improve, and this is a long-range case that we treat specifically.

Kannst mir auch auf deutsch schreiben :slight_smile:

But not here. Or?
I don’t want to confuse the other more than it has to. :slight_smile:

Totally agree. Had this discussion on another thread…I have Cubase 9.5 and VST Connect Pro is working fine for me without a license. In my confusion to get Pro working, I did add a temp trial license from Steinberg. However, I have removed that and it still seems to work.
All very confusing…but I am happy with my Pro so far (as it hasn’t cost a penny!).


… if you have bought Cubase all products will be available for 24 hours. That applies to VST Connect PRO, too. But it is not part of Cubase - only VST Connect SE is part of it. If you still have access to VST Connect PRO (without a valid license) I would like to know how this is possible :wink: Could you please open the “eLicenser Control Center” and create a screenshot of your available licenses and send it to me? (m.spork (at) steinberg.de)

Thank you very much,

I bought the Pro version two days ago, but before of that I already have VST Connect Pro version in my Cubase 10, and I could use it without problems. What’s more, I’ve deleted VST Connect Pro from my computer, but still appears in Cubase (appears the version, and I can use it. And more, when I use VST Connect Pro, in eLicenser Control Center does not appear one instace in use in VST Connect Pro’s license, but increase one instance in Cubase’s license. All of this is very strange!

… could you please take a screenshot of your “eLicencer Control Center” and send it to me? I need to check your licences and maybe find the quirk.

Thank you,

… to return to that topic. I have talked with “MrTopo” in a PM session. He has sent me a screenshot about his available eLCC licenses. Every new Cubase installation has access to 24h All Application license. That means that you can try every Steinberg product for 24 hours. If you have activated this license and you will start Cubase, you have access to VST Connect PRO. HALion. Groove Agent. Retrolugue … If the 24 hours are exhausted, VST Connect PRO will not be available anymore (menu etc).

Hope that helps,