VST Connect Pro, working with other musicians

:smiley: Hey I finally got my studio all set up, was wondering if there is anywhere on the forums here where people on vst connect/vst connect pro can get together and play/work on each others stuff, am a drummer, full studio,with vst connect pro, looking for jazz/fusion/instrumental stuff, real nice set up…hopefully others out here

There used to be a post collecting all available musicians, can’t find it anymore, was probably in the Lounge area… BTW, there is a dedicated VST connect area, maybe better post a request there?

Like your thought, I would love to get to collaborate a bit with fellow Cubers, just no time right now :wink:

Where is that? I can’t find it.

Its under the “VST Instruments, Virtual Effects Plug-ins…” section of the forum.

Seems that the admins reposted the looking-for-artist thread too there now, good luck finding collaboration!