vst-connect pro

I would like to use VST-connect pro for postproduction.
My problem is the video.
I would like to send the movie in the timeline and not my face.
I try to choose the blackmagic interface as input with a loop ( SDI out to SDI in ) but it doesn’t work!!!
As somebody a solution to send the video to the speaker via vst-connect?
We have only mac workstation.

Audio postprod in Paris

Is currently not possible, it it is on the “to-do”’ list.


I would like to try someting :

loop the composite output of my blackmagic card to the input of a USB video capture card ( 60€ )
It schould now appear like a webcam.
Do you think it can work?


Or try XSplit Broadcaster. We use this a lot to with Skype, but don’t know if VST Connect will recognize.
Worth a try …


Video connections are asking too much at the moment, I believe.

I really think Steinberg should have implemented sending MTC to the performer instead.
Unfortunately the app seemed too unstable on my system.

Now I’ve removed the plugin from the vst3 folder, but every time I start Nuendo, I get 3 Synchrosoft error screens telling me that I do not own a license. How can I remoe this message (other than buying the software)


Does un-installing the application work?
I.e. versus simply removing the plugin from the folder …


I confirm that Nuendo is not working well since I have installed the VST-connect pro.
When I make simple editing like cutting a clip in two parts the software stack for one minute.
It make Nuendo absolutly unusable.
I will uninstall and wait for a better version, because we are very enthoustiasics about the feature of this plug.


I really don’t get why only the performer side can send MTC… you could at least run an external player on the performer side if it was the other way around. Or send the file via FTP and have the other side load it in.
Bandwith also is a non-issue. Since the video is fixed, it would easily possible to preload the video file to the other side, or at least use a few 100mb as a buffer.
Even a specific format would be ok (heavily compresses h264 for instance.
It’s absolutely ridiculous that on the one hand pople still say the technology isn’t quite there yet, though on the other we are getting perfect results with aptx over ISDN. The 12,8kb/s (128kbit/s) bandwith for mono audio + LTC. We have 80 times the upload bandwith right now and ISDN will vanish in about two years.
They already send audio and MTC with VST Connect, so I’m not sold on it being an issue to send timecode lock.
Please Steinberg, work on it!