VST Connect - Results and bugs of multiple tests in the past 4 days

I am rolling out systematic VST Connect for my studio, SweetSpotStudio.com.

The ‘white screen of death’ is the biggest issue for mac users.
I’ve mostly tested 4.0.20. The white screen is always the first thing people see.
I ask them to poke around and change preferences then close and restart.
That fixes it most of the time.
Unfortunately I don’t know which preferences, if any, is what solved the issue.

To solve the problem I’ve tested with 3.0.20. Unfortunately this requires a ‘studio key’ which I do not have. (Is that a Pro version thing? Studio Pass?)
So even though there is no issue with the white screen of death I still can’t use it.

I am using Mojave 10.14.6 People tested on macs use that os as well.
Cubase Pro 10.

On the PC I’ve tested with a very old machine with windows 8. Using Connect Performer 4.0.20. It worked.
Also tested with a new machine running Windows 10. Performer 4.0.20. It worked.

When I test the pre-release version of Conncect Performer, I get an error message when attempting to establish a connection.
The message is that I our versions are incompatible. It would be nice if things were more compatible across versions.

Needless to say I hope Steinberg puts absolutely every single coder they have on Connect development.
This feature makes Cubase by far the most attractive DAW in the world.

Don’t sleep Steinberg!


with larger changes, we sometimes need to change the communication format which requires both ends to use the same format, sorry for that.

Ah ok. Hi musicullum. Are you working for Steinberg?


We plan to release the new version this month, stay tuned.

Perfect timing :smiley:

I am in the same boat - and this is the perfect time to be using it :frowning:

I am running a Mac using Catalina - trying to connect to a performer using a new generation iPad iOS 13.3

I have been getting piles of requests from musicians wanting to be able to record and work remotely - I can’t wait for this thing to be fixed - it is the perfect solution to help them out :0)

check https://connectvst.com

Notice that the new/latest updates of the software can be downloaded there at the link musicullum posted below your post.! You and your colleagues/collaborators should both use this new version (v4.0.40.180)

Thanks so much :0)
Is the performer version for iOS available too? some of the remote sessions are connecting via iPad

working on it, at Apple for approval

Anyone who wants to test setups and configs let me know as have a bit of time to spare over the next few weeks. @muiscullum happy to perform some rigorous beta testing

Running Nuendo 10.2.0 Build 284