vst connect reverb & plugins gui issue

Hi there,

Thanks for the latest version of this great software. I have come across two issues that I can replicate easily on my pc and mac with the vst connect performer. I apologise if the issue has already been pointed out before. I cannot get the comfort reverb to work at all on mac or pc, all other parts work ie, eq, compressor. I also had it crash on me on both systems when looking at vst’s (64bit only). once the vst plugins were scanned I could open them but the gui windows were frozen till you move the window slightly then it would update to show whatever you clicked etc. I hoped it might have only been my pc but my mac did it too. Loving vst connect pro 3 and not really had a session with it yet, hopefully tomorrow I can spend some time with it transatlantic style. I am sure that the two issue I came across are minor things that will be easily fix. Once again thanks for listening and keep it coming.

brian mair

quick update. the plugin gui’s are fine now, I rebooted and tried again and they are working perfectly, both 64bit and 32 bit. Unfortunately no dice on the reverb issue. still cant get it to work. can anybody else get the reverb to work in vst connect performer ?


man I am dumb. just noticed the slider for the reverb at top of the channels. I must have missed it in the manual. so now there Is no problems yeeeeah. moral of the story, drink more coffee and hold off on the dumb blonde posts, gaaargh.

Can a moderator delete these posts for me please. thanks

Can you explain where the sliders are for the reverb? I can’t get the reverb to work, either. I have sliders for mic and instr but there is no reverb sound. I do not have any issue with eq and compressor, they both work fine

Theres a tiny slider on top of the channel, this is the reverb send. Of course reverb must also be enabled and set to some level.

Awesome!! Dedicated support even on the weekends!