VST Connect Screenshare

Yesterday I was doing a VST Connect session with my producer friend, and since we both do production I found myself wanting to share my screen so he could see the vocal edits I was making and other adjustments. So I used Skype to screen share but it was interfering alot with Cubase. Could you guys at Steinberg add a Screenshare feature to VST Connect that allows the end user (Vocalist/Producer) to see the session screen. I think that would create a even better collaboration experience and put Cubase even further ahead of the game. And seeing that you would intergrate it through Cubase (Screenshare), it would run alot smoother together with VST Connect.

Just want to say I’ve used Cubase for 10 years, and absolutely love the software and enhancements. You guys do great work and for a producer like myself who makes beats, engineers, the whole nine yards, Cubase has been awesome for me.

YES +++1! Would be great!! I’m just having the same problem.

we’re looking into it.

yes we need this too! (Now with corona crisis) we evenmore work online so i want to do editing with artists at home and it would be a great feature when thay can see the edit window.

Still looking at it?

Thanks, micha

Yes we are. We have it working, but need to get the new version thru Q&A yet before this can be proceeded.

I would love to try this out if you do a Beta test. I have a couple of projects that could really use this functionality with the current work from home orders.

Thanks @musicullum! Just wanted to add a +1. Screenshare would be very helpfull for clients/colleagues.


Yes would also be great for remote mix approval sessions for audio post. I would then share the screen with the video playback window.



no need for that, we also work on video playback and streaming, actually already testing. But first things first.

Also looking forward to be able to stream the video player (and ADR text I assume?).


I suspect that it won’t be a streaming solution - but both sides have the same video file and Performer plays it back in sync - meaning you can still have the camera etc ? Much better solution as you don’t need to worry about quality and the video can be more likely frame accurate.

Cinesync does something similar

No inside information - just guessing…and it’s what I’d do :smiley:

we plan to provide both streaming and synchronised file playback on Performer side. ADR later.
Screenshare also planned but is a different issue.

Good to hear that.

Streaming would be my preference. We want to keep the video content secure and not provide it to the talent beforehand. If a production requires multiple voices you have multiple copies floating around.

+1 here!

This is something that would add a tremendous plus-value to VST Connect. Go over projects with remote clients, making edits live with them for revision rounds, adjustments, comping/take selections, etc.

+1 +1 +1

Thank you Musi :slight_smile:

Any news…?

Screenshare/synchronus video playback.? Multiple listeners…? etc…

working on it :slight_smile:


That would be so awesome! Right now I am using Teamviewer but having it built in would be the bomb!

How do you use Teamviewer, Cubase with your audio interface? Can the other “viewer” listen to your mix??

It’s a combination of VST connect and Teamviewer. I am a producer and do remote production sessions with a person that is both a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. He starts up his own Cubase with the whole production and he activates VST Connect. I run VST Connect Performer just for communication and to play him harmony guides and so on. We also run Teamviewer which allows me to control his computer. The result is that I can work as if I was in his studio doing recording sessions.

Since it’s all done on his computer he can then continue working on the song until the next session and we don’t have to send any files back and forth.