VST Connect SE 3: [Com/Eq/ins in signal] [center recording]

Hi guys!
I was trying yesterday VST Connect SE 3 yesterday with Cubase 8.0.10 (windows 8 64bits) and it left me with a couple of question that I wasn’t able to find response to in the manual. Maybe any of you know the answers.

1. The Compressor, eq and Inserts always affect the signal?
When I used any of those 3 processors, the performer was able to listen the changes, I was able to listen to them but also the signal that I recorded was affected by them. I remember seeing in the manual that it was “only for the performer monitor” but in this case wasn’t". The Reverb was only to the performer. Is this the normal way that Connect works?

2. The only way record the remote instrument but not the mic was panning then hard left and right.

There was no way for me to listen the instrument and mic from the performer in the middle without record both.
The performer was able to hear itself and the instrument in the middle, but I pass all the session with the mic panning hard left and the instrument panning hard right. I think I´m missing something here because is weird and kind of difficult to tracking in this way.

The eq and compressor are indeed processed right after the input signal, so they are also beeing recorded. We considered to make that an option but nobody ever complained :slight_smile:
Reverb is fed from the channel sends and doesn’t get recorded.

There is always only a stereo signal sent from the Performer, so to record seperate channels you have to proceed as you did. With the PRO version you can (additionally) record individual channels on the Performer computer and aquire them using “Get HD files” which also creates individual tracks in Cubase/Nuendo with the uncompressed audio.

Thanks for the reply!

I was recording a line guitar to try to reamp it later. A amp plugin was in the first insert slot hopping that it doesn’t get recorded but it was.

Good to know how exactly vst connect se works

I also want to know how it works with the inserts
I want to be able to record electric guitar where the performer uses a plugin so
that he hears himself distorted with vogenxgo - boogex as a plugin,

I, as the engineer, on the other hand wants to be able to listen to his playing with an insert, for example
amp rack, however I dont want the insert signal to be recorded, I want to be able to choose between different
amp rack settings afterwards

I especially DONT want the voxengo - boogex insert to be recorded, however from the first try
I believe this is exactly what happend

how do I do this correctly, also, I still dont think the monitoring of someones playing has been fully explained since the software update, should I enable the monitor function on the performer channel, but deactivate the cue-send, or how do I do this?

I am also curious about this. For me its very important that I only record a clean signal, however I also got
the signal recorded with the plugin from the performer. How can I change this?

You can’t yet, sorry. We will implement an option to include (or not) inserts in the transmitted signal.

wait a minute … you cannot record without Comp/EQ if used for the Perforemer … i own the Pro Version … is this true for that versin as well ?? this is not what i understood when purchasing … i am having so many connectio iisues that i have not even Dug into this side of things … Man, i hope this is not true … not advertised like this … john

I’m waiting for this confirmation before buy the PRO version…

Well it just means that you switch off performer eqs and inserts if you need a clean signal.
Reverb does not affect the recorded signal though.
We will provide an option to bypass eq/inserts for recording in the next version.

Awesome!!! I can’t wait for the option to be there… I have so many sessions waiting on this.