VST Connect SE 3 - Static Sound


I’m having an issue with VST Connect SE 3.

The meters read that I’m getting throughput, but all I hear when I monitor the performers track is static that sometimes resembles the voice/guitar they’re performing. Likewise when I send the mix to them through the cue that is setup.

As far as I have been able to research, it is setup correctly, but obviously something is wrong.

Can anyone give some ideas of what settings to check, or is there any information I can provide to help?



What meters do you refer to? The Performer mixer meters indicate what the Performer hears, not what you get. The Cubase/Nuendo Input Channel with the VST Connect SE plugin should read what you receive from the Performer. This is also what you should hear. You can check the Control Room Mixer, it should have the VST Connect Monitor plugin on the Monitor output (your speakers). You may try menu Project/VST Connect/Check and Repair.

If you still have problems, try this first:

  • create a new empty Cubase or Nuendo project
  • apply menu Project/VST Connect/Create VST Connect
  • go to menu Devices/VST Connection and in the Studio Tab, assign your talkback mic to the Talkback channel unless you already did so
  • connect to Performer. It should all work now. Does it?

Thanks for the quick response.

This evening, when people are available, I’ll create a fresh project as you suggest and report back. I did have the talk back setup.

In regard to the meters, I’m referring to seeing the performer’s master/studio meter move in concert with the music they should be hearing that I am sending over the cue channel, and the performer meter for the audio I should be capturing/hearing. The issue is that instead of comprehensible sound, we get a thick static that garbles the sound of the music/instruments.

Again, let me try a fresh project and we’ll go from there.

You may also want to try to disable ASIO Guard (menu devices/device setup/audio). While we appear to have fixed this meanwhile it may still cause problems with the current VST Connect SE version.

I was able to test this just now.

Disabling the ASIO guard indeed resolved the issue. Both in the existing projects and an empty one without any other changes. I can clearly hear the performer and vice versa.

Thank you for your quick assistance!

Is this ASIO guard issue internal to Cubase and should be addressed in a later patch? Or are there possible issues with my machine that would interfere with ASIO guard?

It should be fixed with the next release of VST Connect SE. The fix is already applied in the PRO version, we are waiting for the higher forces to release it for SE as well.
It shouldn’t harm though. Just leave ASIO Guard disabled until the update is available, or only enable it for other projects without VST Connect if you need it at all.