VST Connect SE 4 impossible to login today!

Hi Crew,

Until two days ago i was able to login with my email and password on VST Connect SE inside cubase pro 9,

but today whenever i click, there is small “login” windows that appears, saying: “please enter email and password” ,

but everything is correctly written in the field , i tried to re-tape it several time, double checking password on MySteinberg by login there, stopping totally windows firewall, internet by ethernet is 100% ok, but nothing is working…

Please provide some help, i couldn’t be able to send a ticket, or calling from where i am, and some performer musicians sessions are already delayed…

Thanks again


we are sorry for the inconvenience. the problem should be fixed during today.


while we are working on it, you could use the old connection scheme. Next to the Username + Password is a button called “ld”. Take this one to receive a connection key. Give this key to your performer. The Performer should also use the “id” button. There, he can enter a name and the connection key. This is working for you?



Thanks for quick reply,

I feel better now that i know that problem is coming feom
Steinberg side and that it will be fixed soon.

But more than all great to know the second method, i effectively saw this number appeared instead of my nickname when i clicked on the ID button, now i understand the purpose of it, i will try if problem not yet fixed by tonight,

Thanks again


we’ve fixed the problem. Please download the latest version
VST Connect
VST Connect Performer

Yes, the installer are for VST Connect PRO. But the PRO version also contains SE. So, if you are installing the latest PRO version, your SE version will also be updated.

Have a nice day,