VST connect SE Camera found but no video

Camera works in Skype as a check. I quit Skype completely to be sure Skype released it. The camera light comes on in VST Connect and it is selected but no video. Any ideas?

Just a thought, does your video card support, and do you have OpenGL 2?
Do you have Quicktime 7.1 or higher installed?
Here from the Operation Manual (Pg.983 q.v.):
“To check if your video equipment is capable of playing back a video from within Cubase, open the Video Player page in the Device Setup dialog. If your system does not meet the minimum video requirements, a corresponding message will be displayed.”

Thanks for the idea. The video plyer window opens without an eror message.
The camera light tunrs on when using VST Connect se3 but no image is seen. The software “thinks” its working.
Is there something with video overlay that got corrupted?

I’m requesting this thread be moved to the VST connect forum. You should have better response to your problem there.

When you click the cogwheel in VST Connect, there are various settings. One is “Video Device” which should be set to your camera - is that so? If yes, pls let us know what camera model you use.

Problem solved by using an old imaged backup of C drive. Something must have corrupted whatever video overlay Cubase uses. No problem with Skype so that made it confusing. Perhaps someone might suggest a way to check the video elements rather than do the entire reload from image backup?

QuickTime was up to date as were the NVIDIA drivers. Anyway - it keeps my resolve to do image backups every time new software is added and confirmed working.

Please give details on how you solved the issue.
I am having the same problem. Performer can see me, i cannot see him.

make sure that in the settings (cogwheel), Performer tab, the Performers’ cam is selected under “video device”.