VST connect SE + CI 1

Hi all,

Bit of an odd situation and I’m not sure where to post so I thought I’d start here!
I am running C7.01 (eventually) with SB CI1 interface, and it is all working fine…until VST Connect rears its head!

After installing all the latest updates, I have tried all the listed recomendations:
Port forwarding…done
Firewall off…done
Ethernet not wireless…done
Using the SB template…done
Not running any other programes…affirmative


It was after my last 3 hour attempt that is suddenly occurred to me, perhaps the SB interface isnt right? I have tried this with 2 other people in the north and south of the UK, same result! Talkback not working, signal not being recorded from VST Connect SE performer, Signal breaking up. I am getting the video link but thats about it!

A bit of background information. I am not a professional recording organisation, I have a “man-cave” that I work in but, having said that, I would have thought it would still work?

So here come the questions!
Is anyone successfully using the CI1 interface with VST Connect?
Are there any videos (other the the SB one) that might give me a steer? I have even resorted to some on-line mac vids which are a little more informative!
Am I just being thick and missing something obvious?

I have listed my set up below, and any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks fellow Steinberg users,

Jim B

Lenovo 8g/1TB
Intel i5
Windows 8
Stenberg CI1
Oxygen 25