VST Connect SE crashes Cubase with with multi monitors

I may be posting something that is already known. I updated to 4.0.43. I have Cubase Pro 10.5.12 with 3 monitors. VST Connect SE always opens on monitor #2, and as soon as it opens, it either freezes with a blank white screen, or I occasionally do get the normal screen with video and then it freezes. It crashes all of Cubase, and I have to go to task manager and “end task” (where Cubase usually shows as “not responding.”) If I turn off all my monitors other than monitor 1, it seems to work fine. If I get it working, and then turn on my other monitors, it continues to work fine until I move it to a different monitor. Then the whole thing freezes. It may have something to do with the video, because it does not freeze immediately, but rather after I click the video icon at the bottom.

I saw a number of other posts where others complained of freezing, and the the suggestion is to wait for 4.0.44. I just wanted to post that it may have something to do with multi monitors and/or video.

If it helps, I have a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 camera, and an AMD Ryzen 3900x CPU with X570 chipset, graphics cards is a Sapphire RX 5700XT Pulse (AMD Radeon).

I went back to 4.0.42, if you want to try that the installers are available at http://remocord.com/vstconnect/

… what’s wrong with 4.0.43? Did I miss something?

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Hi Tyrop,

Thank you for all your detailed hints. I need more :slight_smile:
Let’s try to find a really simple one to reproduce your crash(s). HiDpi for Cubase is enabled? Which Monitor is able to run HiDp? You are opening the VST Connect SE Editor on Monitor #2 and it will crash? Or is it fine until you are opening the “standalone video view”?

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Nothing, Sorry! Didn’t mean to get in the way. I neglected to fully read the original post. :blush: but thought I had :blush: :astonished:

I’ll just step away from the keyboard now…

I don’t know what HiDpi is. If I open it on Monitor 2, it crashes. If I turn off the monitor 2 and open it my main monitor (monitor 1), it works fine. If I have both monitors on, it works fine as long as all frames are on monitor 1. I clicked the video icon on the bottom for standalone video, and it started to open a video box on monitor 2, but the box is all white (except for the frame that says “VST Connect SE”) and all of Cubase freezes.

Preferences/General/Enable HiDpi. Check if it makes a difference (you have to restart Cubase when changing).

Thank you for the suggestion but it did not fix. I noticed that if I turn off all monitors besides my main one, I can start VST Connect and I can start a standalone video. Then, I can turn on my other monitors and drag the video frame around to them. However, once it anchors to the VST Connect frame, if I then click on the button to open the stanadlone video again, it opens on monitor 2 and freezes.