VST Connect SE Doesn't Work on a LAN?

SO, for those of use who want to use VST Connect PRO in a LAN environment we are just broken until January? Can someone tell me how to fix this?


You asking about pro or se? I was confused about this myself the other night. LAN isn’t available for SE, only in PRO.

maybe I’m misunderstanding your question…


I was curt out of frustration. I was talking about VST Connect Pro… What I understand is that the current version of VST Connect Pro does not work in Cubase Pro 8. I may have this wrong, so I am wondering if someone knowledgeable can set me straight. I understand that a working version will not come out until January, thus I can’t use VST Connect in a LAN environment until then. Thus my frustration. Hope I am wrong…



My mistake, thought SE doesn’t work for in the LAN environment, the older version of PRO “IN-FACT” appears to. I have’t tested it thoroughly… just don’t waste any more time on this post. I was using the newer “Connect Performer” by mistake.

Sorry folks, Ted