'VST Connect SE' - Expire soon - Cubase 9 Artist Crash MAC

Please help, I could not find the files talked about or solution as described elsewhere in the forum for this same error.
Cubase 9 Artist is not usable. - Program freezes up completely after this error. Never had a problem with the program or iMac before. The error presents itself as soon as a project is opened.

All Cubase Updates done, e Licenser up to date. MAC OS Sierra up to date. (Had a previous 9 Pro trial running in the past.)

eLicenser Control - Message
The license for applicaiton ‘VST Connect SE’ will expire soon.
Duration until expiration: 3 hours 40 minutes

Cubase 9 artist then Crash… :astonished:

Many thanks in advance.


I am sorry to hear that. Will Cubase only crash with a specific project?
Can I ask more? You are an owner of Cubase Artist 9 and you’ve tried the 24 hours test licence of Cubase PRO 9. You’ve tried VST Connect SE, too?

Thank you,

Hello Michael
Thank you for your response.
Yes I ran a Cubase Pro trial for a few days, but I own artist. I ran the Pro 9 trial a long time ago.
I never tried or used VST connect. The message just comes up.
Vst Connect SE and Vst Connect Pro are in the menu but greyed out.
It appears that the message appears more when opening Cubase created templates, for instance Rock etc.
The message comes up in my own projects (From “blank”) but does not always crash cubase.

Hope this helps.

Hi Roelfie,

we finally found the problem. Sorry that it took so long. The fix will be integrated in the next VST Connect update. Thanx for helping and finding the bug.

Have a nice day,

Thank you for the great support. Michael

Hi everyone. I have the same problem.
The system crashes often when the key banner appears, and it’s not possible to work on Artist this way…
Can anyone please show me the link where I can download the mentioned update?
Thanks so much.


the fix has been added to Cubase 9.0.20. Did you installed it? If it is still crashing, can you please send me the crash log?


I downloaded the last version of Artist a couple of weeks ago (version 9.0.10). Where can I download the update?
Can you please show me the link?
Thank you


the Cubase Artist 9.0.20 download can be downloaded here.

See you,

Thank you, download done, problem solved.
Thanks so much!


I have the same problem! A dialog opens up saying the license for VST Connect SE will expire in 10 minutes and 12 seconds, and then Cubase Artist 9 crashes. I have updated the program from Artist 8.5 and I have also tried the trail-version for Cubase Pro before I purchased Artist 8.5. I run Cubase on an iMac 27, and have updated Artist 9 to 9.0.20. The eLicensener is also updated…This has become very frustrating…

Please help…


I’m not even sure if VST Connect works.

As an experiment, I have gotten one laptop on my phones hotspot to connect to my studio rig. It shows both connected, I see video from both but no audio…

Two and a half hours later today, again no audio can be recorded. I do see the laptop mic coming into the VST Connect recording mixer. On the Performer Rec track is has the VST Connect in the routing. The input channel VST Connect shows the VST Connect SE plugin as an insert.

If I am missing something, I’d love for someone to point it out.

It cannot be this complicated. I also have gone through the entire process with a musician in the Nashville area…same result.

Anyone have ideas why it’s not working?


Just updated to Cubase Artist 9.0.30 and suddenly the same issue occurs: “VST Connect SE - Expire Soon” - eventually crashing Cubase. Does anyone know how to fix this??

I am receiving the same message!!! This is very disappointing!! I updated the Artist to 9.0.3 and I’m still getting this message. Once I record and click on File to save that message pops up and I cannot save. I’ve been using Logic Pro since Cubase 9 is useless at this point. This has been 4 months… I would really like to use again or need to be reimbursed for a nonworking product. Please help!!!

For now I will keep this project open for the remaining time Cubase said it will expire. Hopefully when the time is up the message will no longer appear

Contact support directly through your MySteinberg. You shouldn’t have waited for so long to look for help.

Was so frustrated I just quit using it. While reading forum the idea came to mind. Problem solved. I left my project open for the remaining hours and let it expire. Message went away. Thanks.

One year later, Cubase 9.5, same problem.
It just ruined an evening of work while I’m waiting for the license to expire (hoping and praying this’ll “fix” the issue so I’m able to continue working).

Dear Steinbergs, this is more than frustrating. Obviously you’re aware of this minor bug and no improvement is done in years. Such a fantastic program and you let such a minor bug ruin the experience. It’s the year 2018, wake up!


… are you running the latest Cubase 9.5 version? 9.5.41? Link


Me too on 9.5.41