VST Connect SE failure

Hi Miztone,

How did you get on with VST Connect?

I am really interested in knowing what problems people have had, and how they have overcome them.

I am also please to report that, having upgraded to a UR242 my entire system (including VST Connect) seems to be a little more “zippier”, if there is such a word?

Anyway, let us know how you are progressing because I am sure that you, and all the others, will crack this!!


Jim B

Hi Jim B.

Well, after running up and down the stairs for a couple of miles, pretending to be both engineer and performer - and following plenty of failed attempts (all down to either my misunderstandings or, at times, my hardware), complete success! This is an amazing application and I’m very glad I kept the faith.

I have now gone through a number of attempts to connect up from scratch and all seems well. I see no reason why this shouldn’t now work remotely (performer network and equipment permitting).

I’ve no doubt that the issue here is simply that some of us don’t have the knowledge and experience of having been regularly in and around traditional ‘real life’ recording studios - hence not fully appreciating some of the key nuances that the guru, Mr Musicullum, very patiently puts across. I can understand the frustrations for all parties - both customer and supplier. In particular, the routing (connections for inputs, outputs, studio), the Control Room factor and specifically how the Talkback facility really works (completely frustrating for an hour or so until the penny dropped - then ‘Eureka’).

It also helped immensely that, as I had purchased the ‘Pro’ version, I was able to work this out over my local network, rather than configuring/learning over two separate locations. A huge time and frustration saver I suspect. Some SE first timers must really struggle.

I think I may have picked up on a couple of the key misunderstandings that are causing most of the confusion and am in the process of writing a (key points) ‘idiot’s’ guide, for my own future use really. I’ve taken screen shots and am using my particular kit as the reference hardware. I’ll have a go at tweaking it to perhaps be more generic and, if I think it will be useful, I’ll see if Steinberg will allow me to post it up (if they think I’ve made a good stab at it).

Thank you for your perseverance Jim. Your ongoing posts proved invaluable.



Hi Graham,

Brilliant news and good on you for sticking at it!

You make a very valid point about people who aren’t aware of the way a “real life” studio works, and so have nothing to “benchmark” against!

I think that now we have it working, we really do have a real life studio set up, and that is demonstrated by the quality of the end product.

Onwards and upwards mate, and if you ever fancy trying a session and you need a guitarist, let me know!!!


Jim B