VST Connect SE HUGE latency while monitoring!

Please help me… I’m using this to record vocals for a client and so far it’s useless. The playback works fine (recording is sample accurate and clean and clear) but while monitoring on my side (the engineer’s side) there’s huge latency. I’m using Cubase 8.5 and I’ve tried all the suggestions on this forum and the manual, all buffer sizes, deactivated and reactivated the check boxes etc. Nothing worked!

I live in Amman, Jordan… and I tried this with two clients, one in Ottawa and one in Sydney. Same problem both times. This is a huge bummer because a whole album worth of vocals is depending on this.

I’d highly appreciate it if anyone can tell me how to fix this.



Do not enable the Input Monitor (yellow speaker button) on Performer tracks. You will hear the Performer at any time via the VST Connect Monitor plugin situated after the main output in the Control Room (Studio).

Hello musicullum, thank you for your prompt reply. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “the VST Connect Monitor plugin situated after the main output in the Control Room (Studio)”. I’m sorry, could you please explain further? Thanks a lot.

If you can hear the Performer after you disabled the track Input Monitor you don`t need to worry :slight_smile:
The Control Room is essential to VST Connect. You can open it in the devices menu, there you can see the main output and below is the connect monitor. It doesnt have anything to edit.
I figured that in Cubase 8.5 it looks like it is no more displayed, but if you double-click the empty first slot below the main output it does open the “Editor”. Strange…

I’m sorry but this is still confusing to me, since my control room mixer looks different than the one you posted (please see the attachment). Can you tell what I’m doing wrong? Thanks again.

This is the Mix Console, not the Control Room Mixer (first entry in Devices menu). However the Control Room mixer is also there, to the right. Just click the “Main…Stereo Out” bar and you’ll see the post-main insert slots. If you have Cubase 8.5 you may not see it but you can dbl-click the first slot and the VST Connect Monitor window should open.
But again, it doesn’t make a difference as there is nothing much you can do here. Create an enpty project, apply “Create VST Connect” from the “Project/VST Connect” menu and connect. Do you hear the Performer?

I’m sorry I couldn’t reply right away, and the performer wasn’t available to test this out.

Yes that’s the thing, I CANNOT hear the performer if the yellow speaker button is off. What should I do? I really need this to work. Thanks.

Sorry I missed this, subscription continuously kicks me out :frowning:
I have to repeat the previous question: can you spot the VST Performer Monitor slot under the Main output in the Control Room Mixer? This connects whatever the Performer sends directly to the output (your monitor). And are all LEDs in the VST Connect plugin and the Performer application green?

I finally got this working!!! And I am very curious about why I haven’t read this anywhere on the forum or in the manual

Go to Devices → vst connections - and then click the “studio folder”

here you have to activate your output on the “monitor 1” tab. This will remove your output from the normal “output folder/tab” and instead the output is from this studiotab. and now you will hear the performer

I just don’t understand this. Is it suppose to work without doing this? in that case, how?
Now, if this is the way to get it to work, why is this nowhere to be found anywhere?
Or have I just missed it…

You are actually quite right, this should be made more clear.

The point is, when you record somebody next door like in a standard audio recording situation - which hasn’t changed for more than 80 years now - you will find a studio equipped with a Control Room and related technology on the desk, even in the early days of broadcast. There you find that you have to provide a cuemix and talkback to the performer, and the Cubase and Nuendo Control Room is a great addition that enables you to fully control this recording workflow.

VST Connect picks up on that standard recording and provides almost exactly the same workflow even though the Performer is many miles away, like no other system does - other approaches require the Performer to be skilled, own a DAW and be able to operate it, aquire and load a project that has to be kept in sync all the time and so forth. VST Connect frees you from all of that and provides accurate drop in/out etc. End of advertisment :slight_smile:

Now, many users know how to record themselves and that works fine without Control Room functionality, so we provided the Create VST Connect function to make it really easy - a one-click operation which only leaves the Talkback mic to be connected and you’re ready to go. The default setting of the Control Room is such that when the CR is enabled globally, the output monitor will be active. So the assumption is that when you start to work with CR settings, you should know what you do and it has a lot of great possibilities, but if global routing is changed, things can certainly go wrong.

To summarize: yes, you are perfectly right and these aspects should be covered more precisely in the manual. We are currently working on improving both manual and functionality. Thanks for helping by pointing to this!