VST Connect SE Input Channel insert error

Hello Cubase Pros,
I am a long time Cubase user since SX3 and very familiar with the DAW. However, I am new to using VST connect SE. I continue to get an error stating that the plug-In needs to be inserted on an Input channel. I have manually added it onto different channels and still get the message. I’ve also read the manual and search this forum and others to find a resolution, but without success. It’s not impossible that I might have overlooked the solution in my eagerness and time constraints to get the matter resolved. I would greatly appreciate any assistance from any of you that are using this feature frequently and successfully in your business. I appreciate your time and support.

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Hi Darian,

I am sorry that VST Connect is giving you a hard time.

We have improved the workflow for setting up a session to just a single click in the latest version.

I have attached a template for a VST Connect SE session. Have a look at the setup to find out where you took the wrong turn. I guess you have tried to insert the plug-in in an audio track instead of an input channel.


An Input channel is one with a red fader handle (can only be created from the devices/VST Connections menu/Inputs tab), you must not insert it in a regular audio track channel that you create from the arrangement or mixer.
You should use the “Create VST Connect” function along with an empty project; if that is not available (older Cubase versions), pls try to create a project from the VST Connect template.

Thanks Gentlemen. I truly appreciate the support with this matter, especially supplying the VST Connect Template. After studying the template, my project setup was incorrect in a few areas. However, I am still getting the same message with the template provided. I made no adjustments to it, only opened the VST connect editor and received the same message (see attachment). Is this normal behavior when opening the editor? Thanks again.
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Hi Darian,

have you tried it with a clean project? You are on Cubase 8 right. So please start a new project and just go to projects/vst connect/vst connect se/create vst connect.

Thank you Matthias. I got the issue resolved.

please tell the rest of us how you got the issue resolved. Thank you.

Clean project, project menu (Cubase 8) or VST Cloud menu (Cubase 9), VST Connect/Create VST Connect.