Vst Connect SE on Nuendo


I have the latest version on Nuendo, and i’ve installed on a client Mac the Latest VST connect Performer…
When we try to connect, i always getting this message:

"Somebody tries to connect to you, but uses an incompatible version. "

Can somenone tell what’s happening?

THank you

probably best to ask over in the vst connect forum


have you both got the exact same version ? Click on the “VST connect peformer” text in the client to show the info. There is a beta available but I’m not sure that’s available for the SE version. FWIW I don’t recommend the current beta.


That forum is very dead.

However, not sure what the “included with Nuendo” version is - but using Pro the Beta 4.0.3 version of Performer is incompatible with the release version 4.0.2 and vise versa.
You probably need to make sure the Performer is using 4.0.2, I expect.
Get ready for instability in any case.


The same issue - Cubase 10.5 nad Performer 4.0.2, but not every time, with some friends it is, with others not

I’d strongly recommend you post in the correct forum if you are looking for answers - it won’t get picked up here.