VST connect SE problem in Cubase 8.5

Hi All, I am having a problem with sound or lack of it, I recently purchased Cubase 8.5 especially for the VST connect
as I live on an island and most of my musician friends live on the mainland, I am only having problems with one friends connection, his set up is a Windows 10 laptop wire connected to his router, connections to his laptop are via a Yamaha Audiogram 3 USB sound card, one input for his mic one input for his guitar. Now down to the problem.
When I start a session (with this one particular friend), as we are starting a new project with him performing first to a click track I do the following. I have done this procedure with other musicians with no problems and perfect recording results wether I start a new project or insert VST Connect SE into an existing project.

I open Cubase in his case I select empty project, I open and create VST Connect SE, I import the Click Track and activate the cue send in the inspector window on the left, I check my audio monitoring for the click Track and talkback mic are working, I check my camera is turned on, I click connect, I send the code to my friend, he opens VST connect Performer but when he connects to me he can see me I can see him, all the lights are green both ends, he can see movement on the controls when I change them, and vice versa, when I press play or record I can hear the click Track he can not, we can both see the meters moving, if I use the Talkback The click goes quieter and I can see and hear it on the monitors, he can only see the monitors moving no sound, If he talks on his mic or plays his guitar he can hear and see himself but I hear nothing and I see no movement on the meters, if I press record the result is a blank audio track.

So because the same thing works for other people I think the problem is at his end, but I could be wrong.

Chris Dobbs has benn helping me but so far we have failed to find a solution so I thought if I post here someone might be able to shed some light on what is causing the no sound problem.

Original posts and pictures here https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=104415&p=576546#p576546

I wrote a lengthy reply and instead of clicking “Submit” hit “Post Reply”. Bad idea, all is gone :frowning: So I’ll try again…
I try to follow this. It looks like you have cueing set up correctly, but pictures don’t show activity on the Performer side on its Studio and Master channels. So in short:

  • Studio sends cue signal. See Devices/Control Room: there must be a cue channel “VST Connect Cue” and that channels’ meters should move when you start playback and have cue sends enabled on any such track playing back.
  • The same meter activity (plus Studio TB) must appear on the Performers’ “Studio” Channel. If it doesn’t, the VST Connect Cue plugin is not correctly installed or maybe there is more than one or something the like. Try to remove all cue channels and apply “Repair VST Connect”.
  • If the Performer Studio channel shows activity from the playback cues, that activity must also appear in the Performers’ Master channel. If it does and yet Performer still doesn’t hear it, check that the Performers’ Master channel is set to the artists’ headphone connection.
    Hope that helps.