VST Connect SE Template

Hi, Using Cubase Pro 10 on Windows 10 here. I have inadvertently deleted my VST Connect SE Template. Is there a way to restore it / grab it form the web? Thanks.

what you mean Template? Create an empty Cubase project, apply VST Connect SE->Create VST Connect from the cloud menu and you‘re done.

Try ‘Repair VST Connect’. Also make sure that the “MONITOR/PERF” dial on top of the VST Connect plugin (shown later) is cranked up.

In this Steinberg video at 1:07 they mention the VST Connect Template: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMbjf3Zm2vk


And this advice was GOOD! Thanks!

Obviously outdated. In order to simplify the process, those VST Connect functions have been added to the VST Cloud menu, such as “Create VST Connect”, “Repair VST Connect” etc. Basically, creating an empty project, applying “Create VST Connect” and saving that as a template would give you what used to be the VST Connect Cubase template.

Thanks! This helped very much.

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