VST Connect SE Video

Any way to set the video to share the desktop?

Thats my question too!!

Does anyone know this yet?

I have not updated yet, but would love to be able to screen share with other producers I work with around the country. ALL of us, have said how we would need to screen share…in some form or another for this to be a useful feature.

That sounds like a very handy feature and could be very useful for collaboration.
It is however something rather different from the immediate goal of VST Connect which is primarily tracking.
Perhaps a collaboration mode might come a little later once the mechanism is solid. First, however, we need to be able to run concurrent tracking sessions, which doesn’t seem to be supported yet … ah yes, the SE moniker…

There has to be an app that tricks Connect-SE into thinking the Desktop feed is a webcam. It creates a video feed of the desktop that mimics a webcam driver. I know there are apps that do this im just unsure which one to use and how to do it.

I use Skype to share my desktop when I do online mixing tutoring and it works rather well. My clients can clearly see what I do in plug-ins and in the arrangement window, and til now I’ve used Digital Musician Container for sending a high-quality low-latency audio stream.

I have big hopes for VST Connect SE, because DMC is hopeless to use in a more creative way.


Sound On Sound contributor

You can also use teamviewer for this