VST Connect SE, Well.....

Just some status, and maybe gain some community insights/wisdom/experience?

I had some time over and tested the “VST Connect SE”, with mixed impression. Seems the login/KEY generation logic could benefit of an overhaul. Didn’t get it to work. However, with Two different Steinberg Account it worked and you can search and find each other from within the “VST Performer app” or “VST Connect Editor”, worked easy.

However, it’s not stable, and dropouts are to be expected. I was using two fairly high quality ISP’s One 100/100 Gb fiber (Studio), and one 50/20 Gb Fiber (Performer).

It was easy to set up in an empty project, but I didn’t manage to get it working in an existing project. (Lacked time to do much experimentation/tinkering).

Seems like an alright feature putting together ideas for a band/talent lacking time/resources to dedicate making a demo as a group etc. However, VST Connect at this stage feels unfinished, glitchy and insecure even if the apps are polished anough. Fix this Steinberg and it’s a good option.

Used it a couple of times and it worked perfectly about 2 years ago…no drop outs or hiccups. Did run into a problem at first until I realized the performer was trying to do it over wifi. Once he wired in it worked perfectly.