VST Connect SE - where is it?

I have Cubase Pro 32bit 8.5 installed and wanted to test drive VST Connect - but there was no VST Connect item on my Project menu. So I decided to download Connect Pro (thinking that was included with the CubasePro License) - I was able to set it up but not test drive it with another musician

Now I am getting license warnings when I start up Cubase. So I have to uninstall Connect (150 Euro is just too much for something that might not even work)

Does anybody know how to install Cubase VST Connect SE? As I said, there was no VST Connect item on my Project menu before I installed Connect Pro; so I expect the menu item to “go away” once I uninstall that. Is there a separate installer for Connect SE?? Or some other trick to activate it in Cubase Pro?

It’s under VST Cloud menu.