VST Connect SE with Cubase 8.5 first try

So I have been attempting to get this to work. My end never seems to want to connect. I have followed all the recommendations here and the manual, youtube, etc. Seems like some of the materials out there reflects different versions. I am not moving to C9 anytime soon, so version 4 of VST Connect is not in the cards.

Can someone tell me a step by step account of how the connection comes up? I start the session but it always says “not connected”. My remote performer gets told there is no studio with the ID I have giving him available.

Using C8.5.3 on Windows 10 as the studio, also the same with my MacBook Pro. Same result both sides. Client is using the Windows client also. I have checked all my router firewall settings and OS firewall settings, everything appears to be open to the connection working.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Well, we got it going, seems like with C8.5 if you use the 4.0 client for the performer it wont connect. The information on the download page implies that is is backward compatible, seems like its not.

I have a few other questions, one would be is there a way to disable the video feeds if we want?

The manual looks like the images are for version 2 not 3, is there somewhere I can get the manual that matches the version?

I am pleased with the audio quality we got however… we were 250 miles apart at the time. For two old guys pushing their 60th birthdays, we were pretty impressed. Beats driving all that way. :sunglasses: