VST Connect SE with remote and local Cubase


I would like to know if it’s possible to use Cubase as VST Connect Remote Client too? The tutorial video says the remote client MUST not start Cubase. But would it be possible? Would be nice to contribute to a track using Cubase from the remote client too. So you would be able to contribute already existing audio tracks or vst tracks to the host Cubase.


A plugin version of the VST Connect Performer is planned for later release.

Ok, so I’m not able to “feed” the performer via Cubase on the remote maschine at the moment?

Yes when you have 2 Cubase 7 machines.

Ok, is there any how to tutorial yet?

rtfm (click the question mark icon)

I don’t have the manual, cause I did not update yet. Would only update to C7 if i can connect two C7 instances. But the tutorial video for Cubase 7 does not show this option.

you can download the performer application for free, there you also have the help button. That may give you a better idea.
As said, Cubase/Cubase connections are not possible yet unless the performer uses 2 computers.