VST connect SE

Will there be a way to record from or provide audio for non Steinberg users?
It would be great to be able to use this amazing new feature with other studios using Avid, Fairlight, Logic etc.


Yes, it is mainly designed to record people who don’t have Cubase/Nuendo.
So there is a “performer” application and there’s the Cubase/Nuendo “receiver” plugin.


Wow, that’s a hell of a feature then.

Does it also do timecode?
What’s the channel limit?
Which codec does it use for audio compression?


Fredo, what if one lets aside the music collaboration part (though might be great for distant ADR session) and thinks about director screenings via internet. Would this work? Is this limited to one collaborator? Would he be able to get fluid video clip playback and audio to discuss sound design / mix without him being at the studio?

Cubase 7 / Nuendo 6 includes the SE version, which is pretty basic.
No timecode/ 1 stream / mp3HQ

The full version should have more features, in specific more Post-related.


Hi Fredo.

Do you know if that’s something we’ll be able to add to Cubase 7 as a paid upgrade or is it a Nuendo 6 only thing?




As far as I know, VST Connect is part of Cubase 7.


Many people are getting overweight in our society, because they do not move enough. With these new Plugin not only the producers are affected, who sit all day in their studio chair, now the actors/musicans too. The health insurance will be not happy :mrgreen:

It’s the other way actually.

Environment suffers from too much fuel consumption.
These kinds of technologies help to reduce travelling of voice talents…


So this will be able to connect to Source Connect with all functions for example? Can’t wait to try it out.

I have a quick question regarding the VST connect SE.

Will we need static ips to use this toolset?



AFAIK, you don’t need a static IP.
You generate a code on one side, transmit that code to the other (by emial or phone) and you connect.
Should be as simple as that.


Thanks for the response Fredo.


hi alex

s-c is proprietary. i think it’s highly unlikely.

You don’t need a static IP.

But you do need a quite stable internet connection. And low ethernet latency is of course better than large tcp latencies.
But, variable latency over your internet connection is the worst.
So for instance if it varies between 2ms and 200ms all the time, it won’t be to cool. Just like Skype isn’t cool with that.


Can someone help me please, where and from who can i get a key they said from the sound engineer i want to use Vst performer

Hi - as I understand it, you need a key from the person you are connecting to (the one who has the full VST Connect SE or Pro software). They are the ones who are setting up the session, and a key is generated for the ‘Performer’ (you…!) to enter in the Performer app that uniquely establishes a connection to the session.

They can send you notice of the key via email or a txt (SMS message)I guess.

Hope that helps.


VST Connect works with adjustable Remote Latency Compensation, usually around 1 second which works even with not so good connections. Recording is sample accurate nevertheless, bad “ping” only affects chatting but even that is quite ok with 200 ms or so.
The way it works is that you send a cuemix from Nuendo to the Performer, who has a freely downloadable application (or even iPad app), the artist performs to that and his signal is sent back for recording. All this happens during the remote delay period such that when Nuendo starts, the artists signal is present for recording (there is a slight delay from when you start transport to actual playback in the Control Room). And as you can remote control every aspect (even audio/video device setup) of the Performer, it is exactly as when the artist is performing hands- free next door. Even more so with the new version which is integrated in the Nuendo Control Romm environment such that all cuemix operations apply as usual. Editing and punch in/out also works accurately, and with the PRO version you can record up to 16 channels seperately which are recorded in full resolution on the Performer machine ready to be transfered and automatically replacing the edits afterwards.
Hope that helps.

Okay thanks, how can i connect and see when there is people on Vst Se, under my inserts in Cubase i Select network , and then I select Vste Se ect , it goes in but not conect,

You have to make prior arrangement with someone specifically, with whom you want to collaborate on a session together. It is not a ‘broadcast’ type tool where you can view/connect to others who are online/live and ready to do a session, just by launching it in an insert slot.

Do you see…?

Maybe try to do some more reading on its use via the website/YouTube videos - they will hopefully explain the basics better than me… :wink:

Good luck.!