VST Connect SE

I have this issue where the VST Connect SE plug-in has the extension .exe within Cubase but in the VST3 folder its extension is .vst3.
In Cubase everytime I create the Vst Connect SE template from Steinberg Hub it says I don’t have the plug-ins and they’re missing. Along with that anytime I search for the vst it doesn’t show.
Please help if possible. Very new to Cubase

EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED. VST Connect SE is a limited feature only available for use within Cubase 7, NOT with Cubase Artist 7.

There is the VST Connect Performer application which is not a plugin but a program that is to be used by the remote Performer who you want to record in Cubase. This is an application free to download and is entirely standalone, the Performer starts this and should not use any other audio software alongside.
Then there are 2 VST3 plugins, namely VST Connect SE.vst3 and VST Connect SE Cuemix.vst3. These are installed by the Cubase installer and unless you manually changed things are found automatially when you start the VST Connect template from the Hub. No?

I know the difference between the two. I didn’t change things around manually. When I hit create on the VST Connect SE template from the Hub the project loads and I’m welcomed by a warning window. I exported warnings and here is what they say:
Cubase Artist Warnings (Tuesday, December 18, 2012)
On loading: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\Project Templates\VST Connect SE.cpr

The plug-in “VST Connect SE” could not be found for Insert 1 Channel “InputChannel”!
The plug-in “VST Connect SE Cue Mix” could not be found for Insert 1 Channel “Group 1”!

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend you, just to make sure.

Do you have a folder C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\VST3 and in there, a file named VST Connect SE.vst3?
If so, you might try to locate
C:\Users\myself\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7 (where “myself” is your user name) and see if there is a file called VstPlugInfo.xml. Try to delete it before starting Cubase (it will re-scan plugins).

It’s fine, I appreciate you helping! Deleting the plug-in info didn’t seem to work. I closed out and ran the Connect template again and checked the plug-in info and the file has the same .exe extension but I do notice that the other plug-ins information will state under the “File” tab (to the left of “Path”) that they are Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3 whereas VST Connect SE and VST Connect SE Cue Mix are both Cubase7.exe. Both plug-ins also have missing information under the “Versions” and “SDK” tabs. Maybe that’s what’s wrong? I did triple check that the VST Connect SE/VST Connect SE Cue Mix are both .vst3 files

I have another plug-in, Panner, with the same Cubase7.exe instead of Cubase Plug-in Set.vst3 but it has info in the “Versions” and “SDK” tabs. I’m unsure of whether I was able to locate that plug-in. I’m not as concerned about that as VST Connect SE.

I don’t get this, what do you mean by “has the same .exe extension”…in the plugin info? or where?
Mine looks like this, doesn’t yours?

there has been an update to VST connect Performer 1.1.0


scroll down, install… see if that helps !!!

Is this possible? Me and a producer friend want to work together, much how the old digital musician plugin used to work. However, one person needs to have the vst connect performer open, and cant have their DAW open as well. We both got cubase 7 for this reason. Am I missing something? Surely Steinberg did not miss this feature…

If you have C7 then you probably have seen this.
But just in case you have not:



Actually pictures would be better. Here’s everything I’ve been attempting to describe.

And Majic, that would be helpful but I don’t think I need an update for VST Connect Performer if I’m having problems getting VST Connect SE to work, but thank you!
Insert plugin dropdown menu.png
Startup Warning.png

Yes I have, but how can 2 producers collab who both have cubase 7? we want to be able to hear eachothers outputs in real time.

VST Connect SE is specifically designed for a producer (engineer, studio) to record a remote artist (Performer). Online jamming (playing together at the “same” time) is not targeted by this.

My brother today bought the same version of Cubase as me (Cubase Artist 7) but he has a mac (and I use a PC) and he gets the same warning at start up and in the mixconsole the plugin is missing. So it’s not just me having this issue.
I just got CA7 last week.
I DID download the Performer update but the problem remains.

One wonders what Neundo offers for realtime sessions and if that will eventually come to Cubase.


cheaped out and bought CA7 instead of C7, VST Connect SE is a limited feature to C7.
… Now to upgrade soon. fml.

Thanks for letting us know! Then there shouldn’t be the template in CA.

Yeah! And the plugin shouldn’t be in the VST3 folder under program files.
Also should have looked at the comparison between the two more carefully.
CA7 users can’t use Chord Assistant. I’m not worried about that one though, it would’ve been a cool feature to use.