VST Connect SE3 Manual?

Where can I find the VST Connect SE3 pdf manual. I downloaded Cubase Pro 8 manual “bundle” from the Steinberg site, but it is missing!

if you open the VST Connect SE. when you see the option to make the video image pop out. the manual is the question mark next to it. you click on that and it will download a PDF.

Let me know if that helps

Unfortunately not (No fault of yours). I haven’t upgraded yet, so I haven’t got access to it. I did manage to dig out a copy from the 8.0.5 installer though.

I’m pleased to see that Steinberg has gone part of the way to make the set-up procedure a more user friendly (for non-networkengineers). There’s still more to do, though.

I am, however, very disappointed to see that Steinberg has ignored to rectify it’s other major designflaw! The inability to transfer full quality (16, 24 & 32-bit) audio files, in the SE version included with Cubase Pro. This limitation makes VST Connect SE a useless toy, that has no place being included with a piece of software that claims to be aimed as professionals.

This only hurts Steinbergs reputation further in the professional community. How many copies of Cubase would Steinberg have sold if it was limited to 8, 18 bit or datacompressed (mp3) files as recording formats. One?

Ditto re. VST Connect Pro & which is a little problematic just yet with Cubase Pro 8.05. As per other thread, seems as though we can expect ‘advanced integration’ in a January update (Cubase, VST connect?).

In any case, may be worth mentioning here that many of us may appreciate a significantly updated user guide for VST Connect SE and Pro. Clearly, there are now many vid tute versions getting about, and also in terms of various level of user guides. The UI is outdated in many of these, as are the instructions for operation. The new use of the Monitor cue mix for example.

I would also appreciate just a little overview of installation as well when it comes to VST Connect Pro, there is nothing presently here. How to install and how this might effect the old VST Connect SE and which does not appear to reside in the usual plugin locations nor in the CP8 app contents. VST Connect Pro on the other hand does clearly install two new VST 3 plugs. So, a little about that process and/or possible trouble-shooting would be appreciated.

UAD Port fowarding info would be helpful (should this be required in increasingly secure operating environments); a little more specifics on so-called LAN operation. For example, in my recent tests there seems to be no way to access clients on a WiFi network within a LAN.’

So in sum, looking forward especially to seeing a new VST Connect Pro for Cubase Pro 8 in the near future; but even more so: a new, clear user guide. Please.

The PRO version has a very good reputation as it does all that and more. It should be obvious that the lack of this in the SE version is not a design flaw, professionals have no problem paying for the goods after evaluating the SE version. And there are several top-selling recordings done with VST Connect’s quality compressed audio, so even the SE version is all but a useless toy even to professionals.