VST Connect - sometimes hear performer sometimes not

Hi guys.

I use vst connect SE 4.0.40 with cubase and the remote performer uses performer app. Sometimes the performers voice is heard on my end and sometimes it isnt. It seems you have to get lucky with a connection that includes an audible MIC track in the vst connect mixer. If it isn’t heard, I establish a bunch of new connections until I hear the performer coming through. It’s not a matter of changing anything on my end to eventually hear the vocal mic of the performer but 100% trial and error on the connection. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it isn’t. And it’s strange because when it isn’t audible I can still see signal coming in on the mic track channel. Just no sound.

I am monitoring the ‘monitor 1’ bus through the stereo out of the sound card. This is what I needed to do to hear any vocal performer at all but as stated above, it’s temperamental at the moment and works 50% of the time for me.

Anyone else?

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moved, thanks.

Are the sync “LEDs” showing error (red)?

Just to check, are you using Control Room?