Hello there!
Im having a problem on VST Connect. When im working with the performer he is experiencing audio playback stutter but only when I choose a specific part of the music. For example when the music starts from the beginning it goes smooth without any problem and I can jump to the part I want to but when I start on the middle of the music he experiences stutter and lag. The other day everything was fine. We tried everything, buffer size , different computers , internet and nothing is working…On rehearsal mode it´s smooth too but there is a delay on recording. We think that it´s a software bug since everything was fine days ago. Hope you guys can help us out.
Thank you!

Does the stutter happen every time? I mean, if you create a marker at a position where it fails, and you always start from that position, will it fail every time, or only occasionally?

Hi! Thank you for your answer

No unfortunately it stills fails 90% of the time :frowning:

Did you try to increase the “Remote Latency” value in the VST Connect plugin settings? Set it to 2, and check if that helps.

for clarity: :slight_smile:

yes, it’s set to 1, set it to 2. Does that help?