VST Connect sync issues

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I’m having issues signal cutting on and off with VST Connect when I start recording the performer.
When we are talking before i hit record everything seems fine, Sync is on green and everything sounds good, however as soon as i start recording sync goes red and i get the signal cut. i’m lucky if i can get one phrase continuous. sometimes words get cut off as well.

As i stop recording and start talking to performer everything goes back to normal!

Any ideas?

Thank you


are you on mac or pc ? which version are you using ? (always good to give as much detail as possible!)

try the latest beta version from connectvst.com (and read the page for useful information :slight_smile:)

try increasing the “remote delay seconds”
try a wired connection


I’m on mac and i was using the latest updated version.
I increased the remote delay seconds and worked like a charm!

Thank you

excellent - have fun :slight_smile:

I get a steady sync with a gentleman halfway around the world. And I get a steady sync with a band mate five miles away. But the sync continually pops off and on with a band mate who lives twenty miles away and kind of in the boonies. But we have no problem Skyping, if that means anything. (Also, I can’t see his picture, but can in Skype.)

I’m on a PC, he’s on a Mac. We’re all hard wired and using have the latest version.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

It probably comes down to the connection itself, on both ends: the Internet Provider, what else is running that uses internet, WLAN etc. Increase remote latency is the first best thing to do (try 1.5 to max 3 seconds). Check connectvst.com for more info.
You may try to open incoming UDP port 51113 on both ends, but it should do without.
Skype isn’t a measure, it works differently, and people accept glitches, dropouts, and bad quality.
To see each others picture, enable the according cam in settings / video device.