VST Connect Test Session

Hi All,

I’m looking for people to do a VST connect test with me (first test), I’m living in France that could be cool to test with someone somewhere in the world :slight_smile:
Do not hesitate to contact me by PM if you are interested.

Take care

definitely worth testing before you use it properly.

I see you have a PRO licence…the Pro licence allows you to test it on your internal network…assuming you have another computer to use as the “performer”. You could even test SE if you tether the 2nd computer to your phone/4G

Hi! I am ready to test with you, I would be glad to check the setup as well !

I did it already, works fine on local network. Now I would like to test on internet network with someone else in the world :slight_smile:

PM sent :wink:

For those who will see this reply.
I did the a test session with “Dr”, I’m living in France and he lives in London, good places for VST connect testing. I had to be the only one to use internet at home in order to have the maximum bandwith. Once done, I’ve succeed to record “Dr” but notice that the routing configuration is still not so obvious even if now Cubase is creating automatically the Performer track with the VST performer cue send.
My Main difficulties was to hear “Dr” in my headphone instead of my main speakers when talking.

Anyway, a big thank you to Steinberg team to provide a new update of VST connect specially at that time of confinment. Hope you wll continue to work on this functionnality, it gave me the possibility to meet “Dr” and play music with someone from another country ! Amazing !

Please steinberg do not let down VST connect improvements.

practice makes perfect - and great to see you . Stay safe

Thanks guys, good to know you got it to work.
We will add the Monitor plug to the Headphone Channel when applying “Create” or “Repair VST Connect”, which should make it easier.
We will also enable cycle operation soon.

cycle would be really useful

Good to hear…!

Please remember to update any documentation that you can, to reflect changes like this - I’m thinking connectvst.com with the Audio Connections dialog picture - Studio tab - for one… :wink:

just don’t have the time. If you send me pics will replace/add.

Will do, when you’ve done the update/reconfigure… and if I remember…! Ha.!

Hi Musiculum,
Adding the “VST monitor plugin” in the headphone channel will help a lot :slight_smile: