vst connect troubles

hi there!

I’m a Cubase user since 1994 (only MIDI on an atari) and worked with every incarnation since. Now on 10.5.12. Used it at home and in studios, so different setups are no mystery to me.

I was working on a record when this corona thing hit and have been working from home since, bouncing tracks and receiving overdubs via wetransfer. Two days ago I decided to dive into the deep and bought VST connect.

Since yesterday I’ve been trying to connect with a singer to do some takes. after a few tries we managed to establish a connection where we can see and hear each other. When I press record, the performer gets the music and can sing a take, but I hear him lagging behind. Also, if I check the take, it is behind (not in sync, just as I heared him perform). also, I’m not able to get the files in HD (i get a message stating 0.000 bytes from 0.000 bytes downloaded at 0.000 bytes/sec).

I read the connectvst.com page, all is clear to me, except that I can’t seem to find a “control room mixer” in cubase 10.5. Hence, there is no way for me to check if the “vst connect monitor” is plugged in before my “main out”.

can anyone help me?

thanks in advance!


The Control Room is essential. You can see the mixer via the studio/control room menu.
You can also integrate the Control Room in the MixConsole via the ‘Show/Hide Right Zone’ at the top right.
As always, when facing difficulties, we recommend to create an empty Cubase project, apply ‘Create VST Connect’ and check from there.