VST Connect UK Pricing

I was just about to buy VST Connect 3 from the Steinberg shop and take advantage of the 49 Euro offer when I noticed that the UK price in pounds looked higher than I was expecting.
Today 5th March the Euro is 1.38 to the UK pound. 149 Euro equates to 107.93 British pounds at this rate yet the quoted price is 121 pounds which is 13 pounds or over 10% more expensive.
The quoted price in Euro includes German VAT at 19%. The UK price includes UK VAT at 20% so they do not account for the difference.
A credit card would charge a few percent for making this purchase in Euro but the site will not allow me to purchase in that currency.

Steinberg how do you justify this disparity in pricing? Does it occur in other market areas such as the US? Looks like a bit of profiteering to me!