VST Connect Username Error


I was trying to get VST Connect to work today after purchasing it. After logging on using my Steinberg ID it asked me for my username. I thought this was an indication that the login hadn’t worked so retyped my email address. Unfortunately, this has now gone through as my registered VST Connect name.

I’m using this for business so can’t use a weirdly formatted version of my personal email address as my username. I’m also uncomfortable having my personal email address visible on what seems to be a publically searchable database. Can I change this?

I really feel like the app should be clearer about what’s it doing here, and the fact that it is (potentially?) permanent.

drop me a pm. As long as you did not use VST Transit with it, we can change the username.

Thanks so much, PM sent.

I did exactly the same thing. It does warn you but not loudly enough. I’d like my username changed too please. I’ll send a PM.



I tried to send you a PM, because my username needs to be changed
i confirm that I downloaded VST Transit, but i did not use it yet, so i think it is still possible
i cannot send you a PM, because i do not know where this should be possible
please send me a PM, that I can reply or teach me how to send a PM to you

thank you

Click on “musicullum” to view my profile, then “Send private Message”.

I would like to point out that this is a BUG or it it as least a FEATURE REQUEST, and this workaround is not acceptable

it’s obviously not a bug - and FWIW a little bit of politeness and respect goes a long way on this forum, most especially when people are trying to help you out.

The biggest mistake is to look at mistake of others.
By letting this mistake go, maybe humanity has time for improvement.

Humanity by definition includes kindness to those who try to help :slight_smile: