VsT connect Video Drops when start recording

We Want to use Vst connect Pro for remote VO recording synced with video. in Playback it syncs fine, whe recording starts, there are drops. so unusable. what videofiles do we need to use? what could be the issue?

Nuendo 11.0.41 - windows 10 Enterprise (22H2)

Try to increase Remote Latency to 2 or 2.5 seconds or so (cogwheel/settings/remote Delay)

Hi Musicuillum
that seemed to do the trick. 2 seconds is not enough, needs at least 2.5.
now I can’t seem to record, in playback everything is fine, we can rehearse, but nothing gets recorded. Local soundcard is Motu M4, preformer soundcard is RME UCX.

What exactly do you mean by „can‘t record“? If you set the Performer Track to record enable, and the Master channel in the Recording section of the VST Connect plugin is enabled (red), it should record both on said track, and on the Performer side (Get HD Files function).
What exactly happens, or doesn’t?
Also watch the status of those LED items.
If you have to set Remote Latency that high, it indicates a bad connection, usually 1.5 seconds should do. Make sure to be connected via cable on both ends, any wireless or tethered connection adds to the delay and may cause issues. You may try to further increase Remote Latency, but should try to improve connection quality wherever applicable in the first place on either end.

Thanks for the quick response. I record empty bars, I hear and see the signal coming from the performer, but if I pres record, it’s empty.
did check and repair audio connection, tried making a new perfromer track, new project.
before It was working, and I had a stereo track and while recording disconneted pressed the record arm button by mistake and since then I haven’t been alble to record anything.
restarted Nuendo and the pc a few times.
connetcion speed is also
a bit of an issue. I’m in a corporate enviroment that goes to the outside world as 1 vpn (if I understand correctly) so, I need to put the performer or studio on wifi to make connection.

Are you sure to have record enabled in the VST Connect plugin “RECORD” section?
Also repeated, if LEDs are red it may not be able to record because it is not in sync. But it should record HD on the Performer side if plyback is ok for Performer.

Actually it is probably not, speed and bandwidth is almost never the problem, but the quality (transmission error rate) and latency (delay) of the connection certainly is. As said, it may be impossible for the system to synchronise if the connection is too bad, as is indicated by the large Remote Latency that you have to use. But it might work if you give it even more, try 3.5 or so.
You should also make sure to keep upstream and downstream values small with a connection of lesser quality. Set upstream values for video and audio as low as possible (128 k) on both sides, maybe that helps.

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