VST Connect & VST Connect SE - Solution Thread

This looks very much like there is a problem on the Performer side in his or her upstream quality.
Did you check the Performer settings to have the audio and video upstream rates set not too high?
If your partner really has 1 MBit upstream provided by his/her IP (Internet Provider)? Many people confuse this with the downstream rate. Usually, when you browse or get emails etc, upstream rate is of no concern, so this can be easily overlooked.
So: the sum of audio and video upstream as set in the Performer settings must not be more than approx 80% of the upstream rate provided.
Try setting the Performers’ cam to “”, and audio upstream rate to 128 kBit. Still distorted sound?


  • i did…

You are successfully connected, so none of the port/firewall business applies. Means, it works perfectly. This has nothing to do with connection quality, a connection is either established or not. If it is, all router/firewall/port forwarding issues are solved already.

  • upload is at least 1Mbit/s on both sides

I don’t know what you mean by that. If you set Performer upstream to 1 MBit for video, for instance, it comes to no surprise that there are problems…?

  • video and audio upstream to lowest quality (without that nothinng works)

ah, ok, sorry, so you did it right (lowest quality => lowest bitrate)
But then it should really work…

  • i used different internet connections/locations because i thought it´s my router.

The problem is not on your end, but on the Performer side.

  • What about Samplerate and Bit settings? are they synced automaticly? do they have to be set the same?

Unless you get a message, samplerate is automatically set to Cubases’s rate on the Performer app.

Again, you were trying loads of things on your side but the problem is really on the Performer.

Hope that helps - have to go…

We’d appreciate any tips or help regarding the occasional glitch in the audio stream while recording via the VST Connect SE.

The Performer in our case is running a Win 7 machine, while the recordist is on a Mac; both users are running an RME interface, although we did try the Mac’s built-in sound card as well, to no difference.

We set up all the right I/O’s and connect fine; we’ve set the audio upstream to mono, set the lowest quality for video at the recordist’s end (the Performer does not have a web cam), and have gone through various audio quality settings, including the lowest and the highest. In each case, there have been digital drop outs in the recorded signal.

The recordist noted that while in the pre-record mode, glitches weren’t apparent; it is after punching-in that they would sometimes occur. And, quite unusually, it seemed a higher signal modulation seemed to increase the drop-out rate (ie., when the performer uttered a louder sound, a glitch – not signal clipping, that is – would be likely to occur).

Thank you for any help!

If there is silence or lower signal, glitches may just not be as appearent maybe.
The only other thing that comes to mind is cpu Performance on the engineer/recordist side, because the audio decoder has a harder time when a signal is present. OTOH, if audio quality is fine when in chat mode, it means the problem appears to be due to a combination of decoding and recording (writing to disk maybe).
My first test would be to try to write to a different medium, like an external HD or for testing maybe even a USB stick. Also you may want to monitor Cubase’s performance display to see if there are peaks on cpu or disk end.

Cubase 7.0.6 and VST Connect 1.3.0 performance issue.

Its to early to say if it just random. Internet speed is on full on both ends.
I don’t know but somehow it seem to degrade the performance after the update?

Now its not even workable? :confused:
Communication are really bad between the “Studio” and “Performer”. Work flawless before the Cubase 7.0.6 update? :unamused:

Best Regards

There hasn’t been a change in VST Connect to the Cubase 7.0.6 update afaik, so it must be something else, some performance issue with another plugin maybe? If audio is disrupted it doesn’t help to have the best connection…

Hi There

Is there is any way to connect 2x cubases together via this software ? So for example
I can collab witch my friend playng vst midi and he will record this and when he play back i can record ?

Always open for ideas…and working on some, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

I will Thanks

Found out one strange thing today by accident: if both sides use the same name (like “John”), it will fail because the server disconnects the “first John” when the “second John” tries to log in. Nobody ever appears to have tested this…you’ll never know.

i know a solution thread is not really the place for this because i cant offer any solutions (because it works flawlessly for me), but i still wanted to say this out loud, and be it only so that people who still have connection issues know that its worth getting those fixed:

VST connect is to me probably the best audio innovation of the past 10 years. ive now used it on a regular basis for quite a while, and its just downright amazing. you gain so much from this on a personal and a musical level, its just great, great, great.

  • for me, its so stable and troublefree that i am now up and ready to record in an instant. i have a couple of long term clients, and with them, i can basically go out of a skype call and into cubase recording mode within 20 seconds (the time it takes to open the template). it took a while taking care of general gain structuring and levelling on all sides, it took a while until they all had a combo of mic/interface/headphone they liked, but now that its all there, its just the best thing since sliced bread. and with many younger clients who all have some sort of setup anyway, its also pretty much “could you please install this little tool and enter this number, then we can start” “huh???” “no, im serious”. i recorded people in their kitchen, on their balcony, from a neighbour city to the other end of the country.

  • i save HUGE amounts of time that i would otherwise have spent away from home, away from the kids, doing vocal recording sessions for many days in a row for whatever particular LP i would be producing at the moment. the extra time this gave me with my family alone is worth more than pretty much all workflow and audio feature business that was introduced say in the last 4 major updates combined. i mean, how often does it happen that a feature in an audio daw actually ends up improving your overall life quality! this is no joke. people with kids will know what i mean, this is highest priority stuff, and im not talking about some audio daw blablabla priority but “overall-life-priority”.

  • what used to be a stressful event in the calendar (vocal recording in studio XY! you got X days! better get shitloads of awesome vocal tracks done in that time!) is now the equivalent of casual skype meetings in the evening. with everybody pretty much sitting in their private comfort zones.

  • and its not just a question of convenience - that very setting i just described also leads to way better vocal takes. its all so relaxed and pressure free, you can just hear it. you get takes that are natural in a way where youd have to work your ass of to get the same thing in the classic “studio! vocal tracking time!” environment.

thank you charlie steinberg and whoever else was responsible for this. thank you so very much.

that is all :slight_smile:

A few comments and an easy request:

First: Love it! Very stable for me and so many possibilities.

Second: Read this whole thread and there are several excellent suggestions as to functionality enhancements.

MIDI would be cool but it would have to come with audio, whatever the performer is hearing as they play for reference (it’s a delay thing - you could not generate audio on the studio side for performer monitor, obviously). Then sounds/performance could be edited as MIDI on the studio side. Nice.

Stereo would be great. At first I thought it would do this until I realized that the addition of the “Inst” track just gives you a separate talkback mic on the performer side. Needed, in some circumstances, though (mic on a guitar amp, FI).

Cubase/Nuendo Networking capability - in kinda real time - would be great. Either side records something and the other side sees it happening and could hear it too. That would require various delay compensations on both sides - a full+ version of VST Connect. And identical plugins. Of course jamming is impossible. It would get complicated: An audio recording on one side would be recorded from it’s compressed web version on the other. Perhaps marked as such for possible future integration. Or - as an option - MIDI could be transmitted and recorded AND played back by the remote by any plugin. Whatever - A BIG jump . . . but a cool one.

That last idea is a big extension of the whole VST Connect concept, extending it beyond a remote performer to complete integration and mirroring of 2 running instances of Cubase/Nuendo.

My last comment: It seems to me that there are - without major changes - 2 basic uses for VST Connect.

  1. The obvious. somebody far away adds a couple parts to whatever you are working on. Works pretty excellently as it is.
  2. Obvious - but not properly implemented: Working together on a project.
    And the thing is, this use only requires one little change in VSTC to be MUCH more do-able.

And it’s already been mentioned: A rehearse mode.
Specifically, allow transmit of the full cue mix from the Studio side - including sounds/MIDI VSTis being currently recorded on the studio side - to the performer side in “Full” fidelity without the additional delay compensation on the studio side. The performer would be listening only. Again, no “jamming”. Easy. All the functionality is already there.

This would allow real time (one side at a time) collaboration for songwriting and such, but ALSO . .
Some people (like me) have mentioned using VSTC as a way to play “ideas in progress” for Film and TV work to clients. This would allow the composer/editor (Studio side) to try new things in real time while the client listens! Brilliant.

Just ONE button: Activate cue send AND turn off additional delay compensation on Studio side. During play OR Stop. Piece of cake.

PLEASE don’t wait for the BIG FULL VERSION to do this. Do it now, call it VST Connect SEplus, and I’ll pay for it (hey . . I’ll even beta it . . just sayin).


I can’t reveal what’s coming, but rehearse will be included.

Some other comments:

  • in the Performer settings, there is one that can be set to mono, stereo, or dual mono. This way you can record 2 mono signals indepenently (dual mono). If you want to record a stereo instrument, the instrument channel on the performer side should listen to a stereo input. Recording 2 stereo sources independently is not supportet as only 2 channels are transmitted at a time.

2 side operation: I don’t see how this should work. Do you mean both sides have the plugin, and at one time one side records, and at another time the other? That would of course be doable, but both recording each other at the same time isn’t possible.
As for the first case, yes, it could be done, but we only have limited resources, so you will have to switch from time to time, sorry. Maybe someday :slight_smile:

Why vst connection not able to work on 2 computers in local net?

I’ve read quite a few post here, but haven’t seem to come across my problem yet. i can use vst connect template in the hub and hear, record and playback with my partner no problem. my situation is trying to create a vst connection within a existing song. i can see my partner and he can see me, but no audio at all. everything is setup correctly in the vst connection cue settings, tb track, monitoring track etc. i watched the video and did exactly what they did on a “new” project and worked, but can’t seem to get it to work on a track that i made months ago. can it be done on a existing track? i say it has to, i just can’t do it right. anybody?

cubase 7 64bit
windows 7 64bit

Hi, can anyone please post the VST Connect Template somewhere for me and post the link here? I have Nuendo 6 and it does not have the Hub feature with the templates. I can get VST connect to work, but for some reason it’s recording the talkback and not the performer. Such a cool feature!

This should do:
Take your existing project.
a) create an Input (Devices/VST Connections) with your TB (Talkback) Microphone as input source, name it “TB/Performer”.
b) insert the VST Connect plugin into the corresponding Input channel (not an audio channel, it has to be the Input channel). Its input is what the Performer hears (your TB Mic, along with the playback), its output is what comes from the Performer (which you want to hear and record).
c) create a group channel, label it “To Performer”. Make sure its output is routed to your main mix output (default). Insert the VST Connect Cue mix plugin here.
d) for each track that the Performer should hear, send to that group channel (just like you would send to a reverb fx channel, for instance). I prefer to use real sends here, not multi-output routing.
Whithout beeing connected, when you run Cubase, there should be activity in this “To Performer” Group channel. Once you assured that, lower the Volume of that Group channel to zero (you don’t want to hear it, only the Performer should), but do not mute it.
e) create an audio track, named “Performer Mon”, its Input source is the “TB/Performer” Input, output to main mix (default). Engage the white/yellow Monitor button (next to the record button).
Now connect. Make sure the “Talkback” button on the top left and the TB rotary knob are engaged.
You should now hear the performer via the “Performer Mon” audio track/channel. The Performer should hear you (your TB Mic is sent via the VST Connect plugin in the Input channel). When you run playback, the Performer should also hear whatever is sent to the “To Performer” Group channel.
To record the Performer, create further audio tracks with the “TB/Performer” Input, but don’t activate the monitor button there (to avoid confusing echo), just use the record buttons (Preferences/VST/Auto Monitoring should be set to “Manual”).

This may sound a bit complicated but in fact that is what you also do when you record somebody next door: provide a headphone mix (“To Performer”) of the playback and send your Talkback Mic to communicate. The one difference here is that recording and monitoring the Performer must be split (one “Performer Mon” channel with active Input Monitor, several record tracks with just record activated).

Of course, hardware i/o and connections on the Performer side should be set up correctly, you can remote control that in the Performer Setup. Also, do not mess with settings that you don’t fully understand, eventually delete preferences (/appData/roaming/Steinberg/VST Connect SE.ini).

Hope that works…if not, drop me a PM, so far we have sorted out each and every problem :slight_smile:


You probably activated the “Mon” (loopback) button on the right. Don’t.
The next version will warn you when you activate that function, because you should really know why you’d want to do that…
VST Connect SE.zip (12.2 KB)

Thank you. I’m really excited about this new feature as I know many musicians from all over. Also, it will allow me to be even MORE of a hermit!

thank you musicullum. you da man!

I would love to get this to work but every time I load the connect se plugin on the group channel, my cubase crashes requiring a restart of my mac just to reopen the project