VST Connect & VST Connect SE - Solution Thread

You cannot connect using a local IP. The PRO version will show an extra button in the Performer app when Cubase/Nuendo has started a VST Connect PRO instance. Only clicking this allows for local connections.

WTF! That is absurd, because it locks out a whole usage scenario, namely that of your average DAW user being able to use another room from the mixing area for the performers, without having to have a glass window between them, which of course is impossible for renters.

I would have thought that SB would have at least been viewing the Studio Pics forum thread where many Cubase users have very little room, so that if they wanted to bring other people in, they would have to use another room to accommodate them, thus requiring a real-time low-latency communication+audio facility.

Am I the only one who thinks that SB had a big pair of blinkers on when they designed this facility?

musicullum already wrote that this scenario is a feature of the VST Connect PRO version.
With it, you can connect in your local network.

But how long after it was first available, and why only for the PRO version, when it is a trivial difference?

it works with the PRO version so it’s not “locked out”.

Don’t you think it is a bit absurd that you can use it to record around the world for free, but you have to pay to use it in the room next door?

Being able to record another room is aimed at studios with multiple rooms that are not wired up except for LAN. It’s where the PROs are working. And it’s not the only PRO feature (just think of the High Quality sync possibilities, multi tracking, encryption etc.). As a “home” user you usually don’t have a multi room setup.

I suspect that “home” users usually don’t connect around the world either!

However, a “home” user, with their typically restricted space (see the Studio Pics thread), could easily use VST Connect SE to accommodate extra musos in another room on occasions, or for loud performances that would swamp monitoring.

I think both scenarios have just as much chance as each other, but one requires a non-trivial outlay for an occasional user when it is a simple IP range difference that prevents it.

In the end, for those for whom PRO has a distinct ongoing usage scenario, especially for the extra facilities, the price is not prohibitive, but it seems an arbitrary difference for those with just an occasional remote requirement.

Sorry, but Steinberg is free to charge whatever they want for any feature. The fact that the paid version is called pro means absolutely nothing, as if padshop pro is for professionals only.
Of course it’s an arbitrary difference, Steinberg gives you an incentive to buy the paid version, why would they develop the whole thing and give it away for free ‘because it would be useful for most people with an occasional remote requirement’. That makes less sense to me than calling the paid version pro and giving it some useful additional features like local network support.

So, Has anyone got it to work yet?

Yes, works great.

What doesn`t work?

Same here,

I use VST Connect SE fairly regularly and it all works fine for me!!

And I discovered something recently! If I have a vocalist sing lead vox and then I want him to add harmonies, I just drag his lead vox track down until Cubase creates a new track, and then the vocalist can hear his original and record a harmony track :astonished: I don’t have to worry about routing or anything technical, it just simply works!!! Last time I did this I had 1 lead vox and 4 extra harmonies recorded within half an hour and it all worked brilliantly

One thing though, I notice that the free VST Connect performer software had been updated and I wondered if there was any updates coming for the business end of the programme?

I am connecting tonight with a performer using the latest updates so if I encounter any issues I will report back but, as I said at the start, all works fine for me?

Jim B

using vst connect pro in nuendo 7 - no one can connect (ive been using for a couple years successfully, btw)
whether local over lan or remote performer gets the you are already in a session popup but no connection.
wildly irritating.
any ideas?

“You are already in a session” is most definately not presented when you connect locally. This message is generated by the connection server which is not invoked at all in this case.
Also this very rare message is only generated when you are logged in already, and then try to connect from another IP address. Should the application crash such that a logout is not invoked, you may have to wait for 30 minutes and then you can log in again.

Hi there. Interesting question. If you ask me I would say that it is the reality. Of course, everyone would like to have it for free but companies try to earn some money on it :neutral_face:

Has anyone got this to work?

I am trying with someone and all we get is a “no reply” message after he puts in the key I give him after I log in.

Any help would be appreciated.

There are two methods of connecting:
a) log in with your mySteinberg credentials and find your friend (who also needs to be logged in) in the friends search, or klick to connect if he or she is already a friend and online. This should work on both ends.
b) Do not log in (neither Studio, nor Performer). Studio clicks the “ID” button and receives a 2-Part number. Communicate this number to the Performer to enter precisely as is, and ask him or her to connect.

So, I can connect with the performer just fine. He can hear me over the talkback mic and he hear the cue tracks. But I can’t get a signal from him. We set his and my interface using all the different three choices (Stereo, MIc 1, Mic 2). Nothing. Both sets of green lights are on. Could his interface be the problem?

It would appear that his signal (mic or instrument) is not (1) getting through his interface, or (2) not getting through the Performer software.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome. I’ve already scoured the VST Connect in Depth web page.

  1. you can check on the Performer side: the mic and/or Instr channels should show meter activity (and thus, master too) to indicate that the hardware signals come thru. Without that, nothing can come thru to Cubase.
  2. if those meters move when a signal is applied, Studio should hear it thru the VST Conenct Monitor plugin in the Control Room Monitor channel at any time (“From Performer” should of course be raised). Unfortunately there is no metering for that. If Studio uses headphones, the VST Connect Monitor plugin may have to be moved to after the Hedaphone Monitor instead.
    You may then (if 1) applies) also try to engage the Performer Track Input monitor, even though this is explicitly not recommended (huge delay), but at least then you can tell if those signals arrive at the Studio.