VST Connect with Delay?

Hi everyone!

First of all I wanna thank the spanish staff of the Technical Support. We’ve been solving a lot of problems with this plug-in.

Now I have one that I can’t solve: the delay, I’ve been reading all the manuals and there’s a huge delay (above 2 seconds) between me (the operator) and all the tests I’ve donde online give me that problem.

I’m sure I’ve missed something and that’s the reason I am asking here what thing I could have missed.

Thanks all for the help!

This will happen if you activate track monitors - they must not be used. VST Connect takes care of everything concerning syncing audio between engineer and performer. I’ve been using it and it works perfectly. It is anti-intuitive for an engineer who carefully looks after their routing.

What happens if you start an empty project? Not from a template, but an actual literal empty project, and and use the VST Cloud menu to Create VST Connect? You then have a single track. Then do nothing else in the project window.

Now, when you connect to the performer do you observe the delay?

Hi Steve!

First of all, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:.

I don’t activate track monitors. I’ve always made tests with Empty projects and with diferent people in different places…and the delay is still on and on. I’ve read again ad again the manual and the most specific connectvst.com…and the problem still is the same.

I don’t know what to do.

I’ve been searching in the forum before I posted and (actually, I didn’t find the solution,

I have the latest vst connect update and all of these things.

If anyone has solved the problem or knows if I’m doing anything wrong, please, tell me.

I’ll appreciate it soooooooo much.


Are you using speakers? Are you using other plugins with internal delay?
You say “there is a delay between me”, but no “and”. Pls explain, what exactly is wrong?

Hi, Musicullum!

Thank U for your replay.

Yes I’m using speakers the way connectvst.com explains (the same config I mean)

The Delay between me and the tester is always the same: 1,5 sec approx in all the cases, when I use talkback (normal and rehearsal mode). There’s no delay in my studio when I speak through the talkback. I use ethernet cable, not wifi, and the delay is the same lenghth with all the testers I’ve tried.
Some of them are connected by wifi, others by ethernet, and the delay between us is the same.

The movement between the lips of mine and the tester have the same delay (according what we both see in the video and what we hear), and when the tester tries to make a recording, the delay is less (aprox, 0,2/0,3 seconds) and it makes a trouble to record that way :frowning:.

This have been tested in several ways, and always when I hear my voice going throuh the tester headphones, I hear that delay of 1,5/2 seconds between me and the tester.

Thanks so much for helping, Musicullum!!!

P.D. English is not my native language. Perhaps in my explanation there’s a “hole” because of that.

Step by step.
VST Connect operates in two very distinct modes: a) “chat” (no transport/playback running) and b) well, running.
The remote delay is only active when play is engaged.
During chat, that is when the transport is paused, VST Connect attempts to estimate the best possible buffering between the two of you so you can talk to each other with acceptable delay. This can also be changed in the VST Connect plugin (studio side) via the “Chat latency” setting. We recommend to leave it at “Auto”.
If you experience a delay in the range of the “Remote Latency” setting when transport is paused (chat), you definately created some routing thru the plug (or your speakers - try headphones). Make sure the Input channel where the VST Connect plugin resides in has no input (Studio/Audio settings/Inputs/VST Conenct/ports leave “Not connected”).
During playback/recording, all Studio Talkback should be disabled.
I’m sorry but I still don’t understand your issue. There may be a delay with the video, so let’s stick to audio for a while. Who hears whom with a delay and in which cases (chat/play), could you pls describe exactly what signal you (or Performer? Still don’t know) hear with what delay?

The Delay is when I am in “chat” mode (transport paused). Both, the artist and me have the same delay. When I record I don’t talk (but talkback is activated, do you mean that?)

In the recording, the artist always has a delay that is not so big that in the chat mode, but it makes almost impossible to record.
The chat Latency is always at “Auto”.

I’ll try Headphones. I always make tests in an empty project (different empty projects for every test).

The biggest delay is on chat mode. When I record, the delay is less, but there is enough (in the tester experience) to make impossible a comfortable experience for the artist.

There is always a delay in chat mode. By delay I guess you mean to say “the other side has to wait that long until he hears what I’m saying”, right?
You may try to fiddle with “Chat Delay”. However there is always a delay (as with phones) and if you set this too low, your conversation may be choppy or even cut altogether. Auto attempts to figure out a compromise between safety and measured dropouts.

In play mode, synchronisation is sample accurate. So there should be no delay at all. That is for sync of Performers’ signal relative to playback, so “1, 2, 3 4” from Performer must be absolutely synchronous to playback.
“When I record I don’t talk (but talkback is activated, do you mean that?)”
Talkback from your end to Performer is automatically disabled during playback because with you talking, the delay would confuse the artist. If it’s not disabled during pb/rec, you have changed some preferences or engaged the rehearse button (don’t). If in addition you have speakers on, Performer would hear all that from the speakers with a huge delay, no good. TB must not be active during playback or recording.
VST Connect is not a jamming tool, you cannot play together. Well you can, as you can record along with Performer, but Performer will then not be able to hear your live performance (but both are recorded simultaniously).
“In the recording, the artist always has a delay” - still don’t know what that is supposed to mean, sorry, really trying, but still don’t get the full picture.

Hi, Musicullum.

I noticed what I was doing wrong. Talkback was “on” in the recording. Issue solved.

Thanks a lot, Musicullum. It was so easy that thing.

Now I have problems on sync with some artists, many of them I get “red signal” con “sync”. I’ve been reading all the manuals and the forum and I can’t solve it.

May the internet quality (not speed) is the reason?

The “net” light is always green, but sync, most of the cases, is red.

Thanks again for your time

“May the internet quality (not speed) is the reason?”
Most probably. Speed is pretty much not of any concern. Just had a connection to New Zeeland (roughly 20.000 km away) and it worked like a charm. Even phone tethering, but only with German Telekom, my wifes’ Vodafone - not so. But your mileage may greatly vary, it depends on a lot of factors, like region etc. You accept dropouts with Skype, this is high quality audio. Best advice is at least for recordings to set Remote latency to 1.5 to 3 seconds, and avoid other applications with internet access in parallel. We also try to improve re-capturing of lost packages even more than we already do, that may help for cases ‘close to the edge’. At least, it is good to see that a lot of successful connections are beeing reported. Good luck!

Just a little out-of-sequence observation note on the topic of cellular connection and speed/quality -

  1. Moving my phone 6 inches resulted in a solid connection via tethering

  2. One person I connected with could not get a good sync on their Comcast cable broadband even with Ethernet, but had totally solid sync after connecting to their Comcast “xfinitywifi” which is a hotspot that Comcast subscribers get access to. Speed on the the cable connection and the wifi connection were the same, 22Mbits/s

it does imply that VST connect networking isn’t particularly robust when it is THAT sensitive to small variances in internet “quality” on fast connections like that, even with larger buffer sizes.

I have lots of monitoring on the various networks internet networks I use (anywhere from 100mb to multiple gig) and still see sync issues on vst connect - don’t see this on any other internet applications I use ?

Thanks for the information!

I live in spain and the quality of the internet is a little poor.

Here’s something related that bit me in the axx last night- On my Steinberg UR44-C audio interface I did not notice that Loopback was enabled, performer heard the loopback of course, a second or so later. :blush: