VST Connect - with guitar processing

I really need this for vst connect. I have the PRO version and its almost useless to me now due to the lack of this.

I want a simple built in plug in that can give some distortion so that I can easily record some rock guitar, and so that I as the recorder can set these things on my end. Then I ofcourse want the clean signal to be recorded.

Its good to be able to use a third party plugin as an option. BUT I really want the built in plugin ( just like the reverb is needed for vocals, this is needed for guitar). Its a lot of hassle asking my perfomers to install complicated plug in software and put them in the right folders. Plus I can control the levels from my side. Thirdly, I want to be able to use ipads on the performers side, and is it even possible then to add a third party plug in- where only the clean signal is recorded.

So to sum up, built in guitar processing, with distortion, plus option to record the clean signal